Good morning, everyone!  I hope you are waking and baking this morning.  I’m rightly glad that I work in the written word and don’t overreach vlogging, because I very would be cracking up right now and wouldn’t be able to retain through this bit part.  Oh, and I would have to put makeup on.  Needless to say, I’ve not a speck smoked a joint in my life.  Do they even call them joints anymore?  Roaches?  Spliffs?  Blunts?  Are those all the same thing or are there different varieties?  I need you to educate me.  You can commutative give me a pot quiz, afterward.  Get it?  Pot Quiz???  Shit, I’m starting to sound stoned.

Rapper Snoop Dogg, idiot extraordinaire, has posted NSFW video on his Twitter live stream of himself (allegedly!) candescent pot.  saving don’t worry-he’s got a license to do so.  Which leads alterum to ponder:  Is no fashion sense a medical condition that necessitates daily use of medical marijuana?


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