Anyone who’s been watching the last couple seasons of the FOX juggernaut “American Idol” knows that Simon Cowell, the “mean” judge, has pretty much mentally checked out of the spread. He basically alternates between looking bored out of his mind and not giving a crap. It’s pretty clear that he is there so that collect his millions, harass Paula, flirt with Ryan Seacrest, and that’s all. Recently, Simon foreshadowed that he is considering leaving the show in order to free up his schedule for other projects. But where would that leave “Idol?”

However, he admits that rational he cannot keep up his hectic workload for too much longer. “I don’t want to come over so whiney because I am very grateful that I have got these jobs,” he says.

“But there is a point where I am not sure we be permitted subsist this scheme up. It takes longer and longer till returns these shows because you have to put more into them, and I am not sure we can sustain me doing three shows a year, with the record label and the TV production company.

“Most people do one show a year and I do three and they involve a lot of travelling. One may have to go. I don’t know which one. That is the problem, I like all of them. I can’t imagine not doing Britain’s Got Talent and pneuma can’t imagine not doing X Factor. But I guess America is more likely to go because I have got incorporated year under contract. Maybe that will be the end.”

As one adit closes, another one opens… you reveals there could be something unfamiliar in the TV pipeline next year.

“Yes, I have got one idea so that launch a big new show next year,” he says. “But can I tell you what it is? Absolutely not.”

Cowell says he has a special affection for Britain’s Got Talent – more than X Factor – especially in the audition stages.

He smiles: “There is something about this insincerity – it was very wretched to get anyone enthusiastic about Britain’s Got Talent. I thought it was going to be easy. The body of evidence that at first it was a struggle and then it was a serial makes it something very special.

“And I have to say that in terms of the auditions, I much prefer doing Britain’s Got Talent than X deputy and Idol insofar as they manifestly make me laugh. I have no idea what is coming next. It is genius TV. It is beautifully made and brutally observed.”

[From The Mirror]

A lot referring to people certainly smacking of Simon’s critiques on “Idol,” and I depleted to be one of them. But in he is boring and just as trite and cliche as all the other judges. Plus, he looks like he could care dissipated who wins or loses at this point. Maybe it is time for him to go, so they can replace him with earthling who actually wants to be there. He’s certainly made his money from the show, so why stick near enough to if he’d rather not participate?

Simon Cowell is shown at the Elton John Oscar Party in February 2009. Photo credits: Fame.


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