Paris Hilton Necromancer

I’ve publicly expressed my conjecture that Paris Hitlon is a “human” who is slowly but surely turning into a robot– further evidence of which can be found here and here. But I think I might have been a bit off in that accusation. She might be a robot that is slowly but surely turning into a human.

Here, we see Paris at this Friday’s launch of the new JC Penney clothing line I <3 Ronson, sporting her new hand, stolen from the intense of a 60-year-old British man and attached to ego metal endoskeleton by an android necromancer. I like how them used a lovely lucite wrist-coupling to cover up the skin-weld marks. Cute!

That JC Penney party has turned out to be the case a regular goldmine for gossip-worthy snark. Who knew? I’ve never idea that any publicity is good publicity, but I’m actually considering popping into a JC Penney for the first book in years, just to check out this clothing line. I should be very, very ashamed of myself.


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