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Just when you brainwork Paris Hilton couldn’t get any more beautiful, she goes and does… this. I don’t unchanged really know what “this” is, influence this context. Paris Hilton goes and dresses like an S&M robot from the future? Paris Hilton’s headband falls over her eyes, and she’s too lazy to do anything about it? Paris Hilton breaks off the back of a patio chair and wraps it by her middle? I have in hand no clue.

According to WENN, Paris was wearing this synthesis identically disconnect of a photo shoot. But for what? To me that’s just a convenient excuse for dressing like an idiot. So she’s dressed like Lady GaGa, wearing her “the self think I’m so hot, I am so turned on by myself right now” expression for far from it discernible reason. Has Paris ever actually looked at herself? I think she must have one of those false belief mirrors that’s fooling her, for clearly she doesn’t see what the rest of us see.

The people inside the hotel room are clearly looking at her like she’s the most pathetic moron in the world. Or else I’m transferring here. Probably both. I just love how impressed Paris is with herself. “Ooh, I’m strutting on a balcony dressed like a moron. Be in awe of me!” I’m out in point of things to say. The pictures speak for themselves – and they say so much that I’m speechless. Almost.

Asinine photos thanks to WENN and Fame Pictures .


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