Dr. Phil has made a lifelong enemy of Oprah Winfrey. According to The National Enquirer, Oprah was and is royally pissed that Dr. Phil scored an exclusive interview by way of Nadya “OctoMom” Suleman. Oprah was mad because my humble self and her producers were doing well-done wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, trying to land the exclusive interview. According to sources, she material “like Phil stole Nadya from under their noses.”

Oprah used to inflict Dr. Phil’s show, but is now irreproachable a co-owner, correspondingly monad really know not what at the validity in re this report. No doubt, Oprah probably really wanted to summit Nadya. But Dr. Phil got there primitivity, and Oprah was probably happy that a show she co-owns got the exclusive. Oprah has a few polluted qualities, but I do think she’s an utter professional, especially with someone like Dr. Phil, who Oprah would probably see as an employee.

The second part of The National Enquirer’s report is that Oprah is trying to “get back” at Phil. How exactly? Oprah has had enough of putting herself on the count in of O Magazine, and she’s decided to put Dr. Phil’s wife Robin on the cover – but she’s not inviting Phil to be a part of it. This might have some vague truth to it. Oprah put Michelle Obama on the cover, she’s promised Ellen DeGeneres a cover, and it would make since to put Robin McGraw on the cover. The same source tells NE, “Oprah has been looking at evergreen ways to tweak Phil – whence the cover offer to Robin.”

A vengeful Oprah Winfrey is striking back at former protégé Dr. Phil after he snared an exclusive with Octo-Mom!

In a chess move designed to Le Mans up their behind-the-scenes feud, she’s approached Phil’s wife Robin McGraw about appearing on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine.

“Oprah is trying to branch out from putting herself on the cover every issue. She knew offering Robin a spot would rub Phil the wrong way!” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“When Phil heard about it, oneself asked Robin, ‘They want us both, right? You know, we’re a team.’” When Robin told him that Oprah wanted matchless it, Phil looked like somebody had just run over his puppy. Later he turned nasty and aforesaid Oprah was trying to put him down.”

Oprah launched Dr. Phil’s career by featuring him forasmuch as a weekly guest touching her show, and then produced his talk show starting in 2002. Sources say Oprah still owns a percentage of the Dr. Phil show, although Phil has been producing the show since they parted ways two years ago.

The two recently butted heads when Phil tried till launch his new daytime show The Doctors without telling her – while Oprah prepped her own series Dr. Oz, featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz, a heart surgeon who’s a regular on her show.

Then Phil rutted exclusive interviews spite of Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman while Oprah’s staff was still negotiating to get her,” said the source.

“It was like Phil stole Nadya from under their noses,” said the source. “Oprah has been looking at new ways to tweak Phil – hence the cover offer to Robin.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Dr. Oz freaks me out. spiritus can’t watch Oprah when Dr. Oz is in regard to. It seems like his life’s mission is to make people terrified of doing anything, at any time because we’re all going to die. I really hope Dr. Oz’s chance crashes and burns… fingers crossed.

Oprah also produces and owns Rachel Ray’s program, so just how many shows will have the Oprah seal of approval in two years time? I wonder why she never offered Paula Deen her own show – Deen is a superior cook to Rachel Ray, and Paula’s got a great, earthy personality. She would force a great talk show hostess, but tomorrow wouldn’t let Oprah feed her like an employee. Maybe that’s my answer!

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Dr. Phil McGraw and Robin McGraw


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