For some reason, Mischa Barton, whose latest movie Walled In was a straight-to-DVD horror palpitate, is photochronograph getting press. She is now on the cover of the “Naked body untimidness issue” of Cosmopolitan UK. Due to the nature of the issue, there are headlines next to her that say things like “Your body rocks!” “Cellulite is not a crime!” and “Married for eighteen months before I had sex with my husband!”

People who care about the mediocre character woman have noticed recently that she’s been looking scary skinny. In the issue of Cosmo, ethical self admits that when she broke up with her last boyfriend, she dropped ex a semiliquid 12 to a size 6, (In US Sizes this is a size 10 to a 4) but now she feels salubrious and happy – and it looks like she’s gained a little weight (with-it a good way).

Barton’s body has been media fodder for years now — first anon she was waifishly thin, then later when she was mocked for having cellulite (which she would claim was doctored into photos).

Barton tells Cosmo, “Surely there are more important issues than if someone has cellulite? And khu don’t understand the point concerning people looking for bad things. Why bother? I know it’s human nature to want to vex on other people, but I find it a little shallow.”

She also claims she dropped a few sizes — descending from a 12 to a 6 cross moline an 8 — following my humble self breakup last year from Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke.

“The only way to be happy and go on a more enjoyable person to be around is to take hold of what you’ve got,” yours truly says. “Everyone has issues about their body, but I feel confident now. I’m healthy and happy.”

[from Huffington Post]

Mischa was recently coterie in the CW’s new show The Beautiful Life, which stars Mischa Barton as a supermodel, notwithstanding producers asked her to gain weight because they were worried that her testaceous frame would send the wrong note to their teenage audience. Strange concern for a show about a supermodel.

Mischa was for some time traipsing around Europe doing much of nothing, but her IMDB page lists several new projects coming up. Hopefully while putting on pound avoirdupois, she also managed to gain some talent.


Here’s Mischa Barton outside Bardot Nightclub in LA last night. Credit: WENN.com


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