Madonna Lands at Heathrow in London After Being Denied new life of Mercy James

Sheesh, trying to make sense of what’s going in relation to amongst Madonna’s Malawi adoption requires quite a bit of effort. Last week, Malawi officials ruled that Madonna could not adopt the little 4-year-old orphan, Mercy James, that she’d hoped to take home with her, citing child trafficking concerns. “By removing the entirely safeguard that is supposed to protect our children,” said the judge, “the courts by their pronouncements could actually facilitate trading of children by some unscrupulous individuals who would take advantage of the weakness of the law of the land.”

So I don’t know shit about what’s rotary on midst Malawi child trafficking, but I have to assume that the judge was explorative to act in the greater good. I just don’t understand why else you’d refuse to let an orphan be adopted by a family who wanted to love and care for it, and is obviously equipped to do so. It breaks my heart, for the girl and for Madge and her family.

Even Mercy’s extended family wants her to live with Madonna. Her uncle told a British newspaper: “We as a german discussed this and agreed that it is in the best interests of Mercy to have her adopted, so as why should the judge stop this if the family is OK with it?”

Now Madonna is front matter in London to celebrate Passover with yourself friends and family. Estranged hubby Guy Ritchie met her at the airport, although the two didn’t speak. Guy was mostly there to see his son with Madonna, David.

As Madonna disembarked her private jet, she was met by her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, who had telecast a statement following the ruling describing ego as an “excellent mother”. The popstar looked tired and deflated as she descended the steps from the aircraft, hiding themselves face with it hair.

Ritchie approached the Gulfsteam jet with a smile on his face before the couple’s four-year-old son David Banda, who was adopted from Malawi in 2006, leapt into his arms. Madonna is said to be powerfully upset after being forced to leave Malawi without Mercy, who she met last week.

She has appealed the decision and hearings are expected to begin on the matter next week.

Madonna is planning to stay in London with her daughter Lourdes, 12, to celebrate Passover with her friends from the Kabbalah Centre.

Awww, poor Madonna! This must be so dire. I hope she gets that damn kid.


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