Lohan Ronson March

So, remember the I <3 Ronson event I au courant pictures from? Like duo posts ago? Did you notice that a certain man was conspicuously absent? Typically, you can’t write “Samantha Ronson” without also writing “Lindsay Lohan”– it’s like dangling a participle… a cocaine-soaked, insane,  overly filmic participle.

But last night, at the launch party for Charlotte Ronson’s JC Penney clothing line, Miss Lilo (if you’re nasty) was reportedly barred from entering. Nicole Richie, Sting, Jewel, and Paris Hilton were welcome (how do you intend such a turn out for the production of a JC Penney clothing line?) but Lindsay was “restrained from coming in by five security guards” who were “under strict instructions discounting the Ronson family to look out for Lindsay and not to let her in under any circumstances.” Apparently him knew well ahead of time that she would not be welcome, but showed in the clouds anyway. The Ronsons’ Lindsay repellent schematization was so full-blooded that, according to a source at the notary,  “Unless Lindsay rams a truck through the red carpet or skydives in, she won’t hold here.”

I wouldn’t have put it past her. Must be rough in relation with the buddhi to not be able to get into an event hosted by JC Penney. Hell, even I can drive 10 memorandum to the  mall and do that. But since no trucks were driven into the front of Bar Marmont, I guess Lindsay went home after she couldn’t get on good terms. And by “home”, I mean every other bar air lock West Hollywood.


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