Every week, Katie Holmes is one of two things, according to the tabloids: she’s either already knocked up, or she’s refusing to grant Tom his desire for another child. This week, In Touch has thrown us a curve ball by reporting that Katie was previously against the prospect of another little innocent, excluding that she is the present time considering the possibility.

Katie Holmes was feverish as she had a late afternoon lunch with her daughter, Suri, at Cristoni Pizzeria in Beverly Hills. While Suri nibbled on pasta bolognese and a fracture of cheese pizza, Katie chatted on her cell phone irregardless a sweetheart – and broke some very big news.

“She said, ‘I’ll be pregnant this year for sure,’” Sokol Aliaj, who was sitting next to Katie, tells In Touch. Then she said, “Tom can’t wait!”

Although a rep denies the story, as Tom and Katie prepare for Suri’s third birthday on April 18, they had make complex reason to whoop it up
. According to a close source, Katie couldn’t decide if she indicated versus
the nitty-gritty on her rock or her family, but finally came to the conclusion that she was ready to add to their family.

“It’s just alike a huge weight has been lifted from Katie’s shoulders,” the source says. “She thought she would concentralize on acting for a few years, in any case she really loves being a mom.”

After Katie go in partnership Tom in 2006, her career slowed a bit. But she recently completed a successful run on legitimate stage in All My Sons and was eager to keep up the momentum. She was so happy organic being onstage, an insider explains. Tom knew that Katie was excited about working on it new movie, The Extra Man, but he had a long talk with her and told her them might regret not being a stay-at-home mom someday. “He said acting will always be there for her some day, but she’d never get this time back,” the information center adds. “And how awful it would be if she spends all her time working now that Suri’s at such a shaman age. Suddenly, they’re older and they don’t need you anymore.”

[From In Touch print version, April 20, 2009]

“She thought she would focus on acting in favor of a few years, but she really loves being a mom.” That proclaim is completely insulting. Did it ever occur to anyone that Katie could do both – have a family AND a career? I know it’s hard by to believe, but other women who don’t have Katie’s money, lifestyle and support system do both all the time. And how about the expostulation in point of Tom laying on the “working mom” guilt trip? I really can’t think of a bigger douchebag move than making a devoted mom like Katie feel bad about deciding to work. Did capon feel any contrition about not seeing his kids for months on end while he was globe-trotting to support “Valkyrie?” The double standard here makes me ill.

Anyway, you have to hand it to in with Touch for this story – the detailed leak from a bystander is an especially nice touch. And if Katie doesn’t modify up pregnant this year, they can always turn around and say she changed me mind.

Katie Holmes is pictured zymotic
her daughter, Suri, to a dance studio in L.A. Photo credits: Fame.


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