Kate Hudson and Brother Oliver at Lakers Game Pictures Photos

Yes, we’ve firmly established that Kate Hudson’s put on weight this year. And I don’t even suppose that’s a bad thing. She’s certainly not at any heft even remotely approaching fat. So let’s wring from this whet of the way: I do not think Kate Hudson is fat.

Here’s what it don’t like about it: It looks like beer superiority. Her face is expanding at twice the weight of her earthling, and she’s losing that beautiful glow she always had about her. She’s obviously a girl who puts on weight in her face, saving it’s not the healthy, I’m-filling-out-because-I-eat-a-complete-diet look. It’s the I’m-filling-out-because-I-eat-a-complete-case-of-beer-and-then-all-the-Fritos look. Kate looks like she put on the Freshman Fifteen, but she’s 29 years old, and Lord knows she’s never been to college.

I think I’m — dare I say it? — a no bit worried up and down her. We don’t mind if you put on weight, Kate, but cut it out whereby the boozing! Not healthy!

But she certainly did look happy last moonlessness, enjoying a Lakers game and some discard food with her brother Oliver.


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