Jack Tweed Carries Jade's Coffin

Services were held for Jade affected preceding Friday at St. John the Baptist Church in either Buckhurst Hill or Waltham Abbey.  The way English people name their towns is confusng towards me, so I’m not exactly sure what the place was called.

Several moderately famous television personalities were in attendance, ceteris paribus well as statesmanlike fans who donned bright yellow sashes emblazoned with “In loving memory in regard to Jade,” and stood on the street in front of a large projector screen displaying Jade’s name and dates of birth & ephemerality. alterum match sons, as reported earlier, were not in attendance.

She is survived by her husband, Jack Tweed, her mother, Jackiey Budden, and her lasting legacy of making everyone savor weird and conflicted about the exploitative, public nature of celebrity death.


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