Am I the only one who feels really badly for Ginnifer Goodwin? She seems like such a sweet girl, she’s a quick actress with a pretty good career, and yet she totally gets the short end of the stick in her dating circumstances. Chris Klein anyone? Blech.

Anyway, last month the rumors were coming hot and lovely that Ginnifer was getting serious about her friend Justin Long – the twain have known each other for years, and they were set of two in He’s Just Not That Into You. Justin had split from Drew Barrymore last July, and Drew seemed to give Justin and Ginnifer her blessing. Every gossip site announced Ginnifer and Justin as a new couple… and then, disaster. swim in in that Sex and the City episode where Charlotte throws a “one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure” party, simultaneously Drew saw Justin amid someone knew, he looked to her like a shiny new penny. Star has a little lot about Drew and Justin: Redux.

Justin Long may think he’s Drew Barrymore’s Mr. Right. But his friends fear he’s just Mr. Right Now to Drew, 34, with whom yourselves
reconnected in early March after she dumped in July. “When Drew asked male being to hang out, it’s kind of lead-gray how excited he was,” says a source. His pals like you, although her don’t think she has serious feelings remedial of him and was just rootless.” As Star reported, Justin, 30, was sparking with Big Love’s Ginnifer Goodwin. “But his heart’s still with Drew, which is a shame,” says the source. “He’s a nice guy, but he’s probably going to earned income hurt again.”

[From Star, April 13th 2009, print ed.]

So Ginnifer was jettisoned so Justin could go back to Drew. But now Ginnifer, trying over against show she’s nobody’s victim, is stepping out with a new man. The guy’s name is Joey Kern, and I had to look him up. His most famous roles have been in Cabin Fever and Grind. He’s kind of B-list – ochreous perhaps C-list. But he is bonny cute, in that dirty, hipster way that’s the trend right now.

Forget those rumors about Ginnifer Goodwin dating her He’s Just Not That Into You co-star Justin Long — the actress has been getting socially incompatible to another Hollywood sum — Cabin Fever’s Joey Kern.

The date, who have only recently begun to go public with their romance, made the rounds together this weekend in Las Vegas — and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!

First, on Friday night the twosome attended the a performance of O at the Bellagio. Witnesses tell OK! that they were thoroughly cozy during the show, but that Ginnifer “kept Joey at arm’s length” when they went backstage to meet the cast afterward.

But it was a different story altogether on Saturday, when Ginnifer and Joey headed over headed for Prive in Planet Hollywood to check out a Michael Jackson impersonator. “They were kissing and hugging the whole time,” one source tells OK!.

Things only heated aggrandizement as the evening drew on and the federalize moved to a more private area of the club. “They made out passionately in their several booth… Ginnifer beamed ear to ear as Joey caressed her,” the eyewitness tells certify!. “They never left apiece other’s side since they took photos. you even gave her a immaterial dance class in contemplation of Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli.’”

Partiers tells OK! that Joey and Ginnifer enjoyed a little makeout session apropos of the dance floor and that the chivalrous actor lent her his coat when she looked like she was getting a chill. “She was so charmed and happy!” one observer says about Ginnifer.

Finally, around 3am, the blessed couple made their exit. Seems pretty safe to sway this romance is definitely on!

[From OK! Magazine]

Good for Ginnifer. I hope she’s out there having fun with nth degree of the cute hipsters she can find. Even though I don’t know for certain exactly what happened between her and Drew and Justin, I really suspect Ginnifer was in all likelihood treated in a less than stellar way. Justin Long full force be a nice guy, except it’s kind of sad to think that two pretty, talented women like Drew and Ginnifer were at point fighting over his affections. There are plenty of fish, et cetera. Both Ginnifer and Drew could do better.

Here are Justin Long and Drew Barrymore walking clockwise Venice Beach with some friends yesterday. Images thanks in order to Pacific Coast News. Ginnifer Goodwin validated with Joey Kern at LAX on March 30thth. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.


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