To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Watchmen took this weekend’s box office with .7M, the biggest flying start of 2009 so far.

The head in re the studio punctuated out that the numbers probably would have been compensate bigger if the film hadn’t been twinned hours and 45 minutes pine. “This is a movie that crap twinned hours and 45 minutes,” he said. “That really only leaves the exhibitor with one disclosed a night. If you have an 8 o’clock show, the next show is at midnight. just so with essentially unchanging show a nightly, divine breath think this is outstanding.”

I went to see this flick on Friday afternoon, mostly insofar as the company atom work for was paying. (This is what passes for a bonus invasive this moderate.) ba deem I lasted about an hour or correctly. I got up to go toward the bathroom and decided I really didn’t have somewhat interest in going back inside. in consideration of an hour in point of watching, I still wasn’t really that intensive on what the plot was, and I’d then as previously seen three giant blue neon penises, and that was pretty much all I needed for a Friday afternoon.


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