A couple of Natasha Richardson stories as you in order to get the weekend started off right. And because, unlike the undertaker, the wire communication hasn’t yet managed to suck every unnoteworthy bit of life’s blood away from her effete, dead body.
spirit give it about another two weeks before she stops popping up on Morning Express with Robin Meade.

First, an Ohio couple is crediting Richardson with saving their daughter’s life. After the dad of the twelvemonth whacked his daughter, Morgan, way the head in addition to a baseball while playing in the coop in, the 7-year-old got a goose egg herewith her girja. Her parents iced it undone and the swelling went thereof. Their daughter seemed exacting, ergo they didn’t be afraid anything of it.

Three days later, oneself saw a story about Richardson on CNN, and noting how Natasha had seemed just precisianistic after falling and hitting he head, the couple decided to take their daughter unto the emergency room.
Turns quaint, the kid had the same injury as Richardson: an epidural hematoma.

Unlike Richardson’s, Morgan’s story has a happy ending. After surgery and five days in the general hospital, she’s at ingleside and doing barbaric. “Dr. Cohen told us that if we hadn’t brought her in Thursday night, yourselves
never would have woken up,” McCracken says.

Now the McCrackens sometimes wonder if it waited too-too wordy to get Morgan to a doctor. After attention close upon Richardson’s stoppage, many blood relative are asking themselves the same bone of contention: Do all head injuries need attention, even ones that seem minor?

I once got elbowed in the forehead by way of a Thai guy adopted Tata while playing basketball in Japan. I’ll give you a tiny moment to process that before I heat on.
A big ole tootsiepop-sized loaf quickly erupted straddleback my forehead. The swelling went down after a hardly any hours, and after having to deal with the ignominy of a blackish/greenish eye parce que a slightest weeks, monad was fine… OR WAS I??
Next time one and only say something reeeeeally offensive, you johnny blame number one whereunto the epidural hematoma talking. Unless it’s funny. In that case, I speech it.

Secondly, some whackball kookjobs (and by whackball kookjobs, of course I mean The present-age York mail) are attempting to blame Richardson’s death on everyone’s favorite lovably laid imprint, backwards neighbor to the north: Canada. Specifically, they’re blaming it by use of the healthcare that is available on smaller Canadian towns like the one where Natasha went skiing.

Richardson died of an epidural hematoma — a bleeding camino real between the skull and brain that compresses and ultimately causes fatal viscera damage via the mailed fist buildup. With prompt way of seeing by CT pick up, and surgery to subduct the blood, superman patients survive.

Could Richardson have received this auspices? Where the genuine article happened inward-bound Canada, retention. In many US resorts, yes.

The budget of news goes on to reverberate that the lack of “technology correspondingly CT scanners and quick access till specialists like neurosurgeons” may have caused what would have been a treatable condition in even the smallest of U.S. towns to lapse into fatal.

But if Canadacare hadn’t killed Natasha, that little girl in Ohio would persist dead by now!

Go throw your rock inflooding a pond and think near upon that one whereas a while!


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