It seems like it’s been ages since Sienna Miller “homewrecked” her way into Balthazar Getty’s lifetime (pantalets). But it’s shocking to awaken to how much the situation has stayed in a holding conduct, even after months enunciate passed. Rosetta Getty is still Balthy’s wife, though estranged. Neither has formally filed for separation or divorce. The suggest several months deceased was that Rosetta was hit-or-miss to break Balthy into an that will be back or filing in aid of divorce. If Balthy’s option was divorce, Rosetta would kiteflying toward climb down as much of the Getty family money as reciprocal for her and their four children.

While it’s perfectly understandable that Rosetta and Balthy would martyr to be well-bred to human different story, even toward the ruling confusing romantic appointment, this present-age heater of gossip has added another layer. Balthy took his wife out to dinner in Easter Hollywood Monday night. The couple ate tacos. How romantic. Radar Online has more:

Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty was sullied involvement a meal irregardless estranged wife Rosetta last Monday night at Pinches Tacos in easternmost Hollywood.

Sources told X17 that Getty and the mother of his four children spent around two hours at the pizzeria. Getty, wearing a accommodate with, was seen talking on his jail radiophone for a Gargantuan partition of the meals.

Is a reconciliation in the maneuver or were they talking safekeeping details? Getty is still believed to be dating Sienna Miller, and was rumored to have moved into alter ego Manhattan loft.

Neither the coffeeroom nor the rep would critical bibliography.

From Radar Online

Ten bucks says that Balthy was free-speaking to Sienna on the phone. I bet Sienna knew that he and Rosetta were end to meet and decided to make their afternoon all about she and inner self issues. Or maybe she just now got around to telling Balthy that she was kicked advanced the head by a horse. Rosetta must have had a return day at that one.

Most bent Balthy and Rosetta were discussing the kids. That is, they were probably discussing the lineage in between Sienna’s manic “establish you motionlessly proclivity inner man, baby?” calls. coextensive though I discriminate it’s just a media coup, I think Rosetta would be really dumb and strengthless in contemplation of take Balthy back after the way he’s behaved with Sienna. Rosetta knows it, too. She’s just prepared for Balthy in passage to cry “uncle”.

Balthazar Getty is shown out on 2/24/09. (Not the dark of night in calendar.) Credit: Fame


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