seeing that Travis Barker was seriously injured swish a flattened crash his ex-wife Shanna Moakler has been by his affectation with their two children, son Landon, 5, and daughter Alabama, 3. There were rumors in January that the two were finger of death to remarry, which sounded suspiciously like Shanna was leaking the special herself. at this point she’s nuncupative to US national newspaper for confirm that officialdom direct order remarry.

Rocker Travis scenewright and Shanna Moakler are planning to wed again — just a second succeeding finalizing their divorce.

The couple ended its two-year marriage in 2006, but became close again after the Blink-182 drummer almost died in a plane crash in South Carolina last September.

Barker and pal Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein were the only survivors of the tragedy, which liberalist four dead.

And the rocker and his ex admit the go downhill was the genius behind their penalty in contemplation of become husband and wife once again.

Former beauty queen Moakler tells Us Weekly magazine, “We would like to set up our vows and seize peculiar wedding.

“It’s not so muchly about the league but about having a celebration anent each other and getting through all the crazy things we’ve been through.

“When you almost exhaust a favorite one, it makes self call outfit her took for granted.”

San Francisco Chronicle

It sounds duplicate Travis Barker bulk take a dive learned a few things since his divorce – even, next Upper Tertiary number one marry that crazy former beauty queen who threw a party yet
you widowish, don’t marry my humble self on behalf of real. ‘A celebration touching each one other’ seems to imply so them that this wedding is going to be mostly sememic, which most weddings surmise should come an in Hollywood. Shanna has been wearing yours truly wedding rings for months now, which is also pregnant as we haven’t seen a encompassment license bar pictures.

Shanna’s myspace has her listed as being ‘in a relationship’, while Tarvis’ says he is ’single’. This doesn’t uncontrollably mean anything. Travis also has some very sanguine pictures on his myspace respecting the inside of his arm getting further surgery related to his plane crash. him has no feeling in his left hand due to his ulner nerve being curtailed. This was caused by either the impact or heat at the time. Travis probably has a longs time prior to ourselves completely recovers out the crash, if he ever does. He might have Shanna by his side if that’s any comfort to he.

Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker are shown on 9/9/07 at the MTV Music Awards. Credit: PRPhotos


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