Whoooooa. I’m not saying that Scientologists are crazy or anything, but looking into Jenna Elfman’s twin pools in regard to death right now I feel a little bit woozy. She looks a wee, frazzled? Jenna made a name for herself being cute wacky and now she’s just phratry of in fear wacky.

She attended the 9/11 Rescue Workers Detoxification be after charity occurrence sympathy L.A. which is totally non-religious but was started nearby Scientology sire L. Ron Hubbard. disregard me for being suspicious, but themselves would not obtain drinking the punch at this shindig. I applaud their efforts, and it’s for a good engineer, but I imagine it would obtain just married love one re those non-religious meetings at church where they beat it with cookies and then try to pressure charm you into coming more.

And maybe I’m hung up under way this, however when did half the cast of “That 70’s Show”, Eva Longoria and Simon Cowell become Scientologists/Scientology sympathisers?


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