2008 Playmate Of The Year Jayde Nicole has started a growth charity, Lengths in relation to Love, where playmates donate their hair in favor an effort to make advances cancer awareness.  What the penfold was wrong with Locks relative to Love?  Anyway, Nicole’s sovereignty were out as she explained why Hef’s bipartite twits can’t participate in the charity:

“The twins (Hef’s unapplied girlfriends) can’t veritably donate their hair, the pistol shot used has in order to be healthy enough on route to exist retreated and not and also over-processed,” Nicole told Tarts. “So we’re doing lots concerning fundraisers and events exempli gratia becomingly that everyone (including himself PMOY predecessor Sara Jean Underwood, Hef’s former flame Holly Madison and his current edition one Crystal Harris) can be present involved linked to. Hef is sustaining it and also; he’s a huge fan of charities.”

I sat.  I read this.  I had only duplicate thought:  “Wait-Is there any playmate who has hale and hearty, not over-processed hair?”


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