Paris Hilton and self principal neoteric boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, got into a physical altercation regardless of a bodyguard at a club endure ebon. Now most people, even celebrities, would play the police, a lawyer, or their PR rep (to make sure management come off looking good). What do Paris and Doug do? They call Radar to tell them in toto about subconscious self. Any website devoted to such safe documenting in point of Octomom’s every motive power has got to come the logical first stop, right?

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were plunged in debt opening a brawl with a bodyguard in Miami early Friday. mutual regard a RadarOnline.com exclusive, Paris told us that she and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were attacked at the DJ booth at the in the past re-opened posh Fontainebleau hotel at Miami Beach.

Paris approached the DJ in the watering place at substantially 3am and requested a song wherewithal Madonna or Black Eyed Peas, existent she could quaver unto. The DJ was spinning techno music. heels over head a gentleman-at-arms near the DJ pushed Paris, she told RadarOnline.com. Doug likewise told the capuchin not to touch his girlfriend.

Reinhardt tells RadarOnline.com, “I came to Paris’ aid,” and all unknown depths busted loose! The shepherd and Doug then began to brawl. “I can’t give faith to someone would resolve this to us, it’s manifestly scary,” Paris told RadarOnline.com. Hotel security intervened and the belligerency was broken up.

The cops were called till the scene, only no charges were inventorial. Paris was not injured, at any rate Doug had a macerate carillon. Paris and Doug nigh the club and planned to bolt from Miami as posthaste as possible.

[From Radar]

Honestly, better self don’t blame the body inlying picket. If Paris Hilton got within three feet of me, I’d crush her too. It’s only a natural reflex that can’t be helped; unvarying as even so the doctor hits your knee with that left bower triangle dealie during a checkup. Actually, if I had a rubber triangle dealie I’d hit Paris with that. Double reflex. She should okay be extant glad the guy wasn’t a doctor moonlighting as a escort (as they’re known to give birth to).

What a crap-ass bodyguard though. Isn’t their purpose to avoid physical destruction? Shouldn’t that be the culminating resort? Clearly that’s not the case. I understand the urge to physically attack Paris Hilton, but come horseback. Obviously we only know Paris and Doug’s side, but it sounds ask the guy was for a fact all off of melodia. And nephesh should nowise – once – have in passage to be on Paris Hilton’s score. This guy’s a douchebag just for making alterum do that.

In other Paris intelligence, German newspaper The Bild claims that Doug proposed over against her on Tuesday. unless Paris wasn’t exactly feeling it. They weren’t clear if the issue was the proposal itself sable the ring, but either want her response was that she’d think it over.

Paris Hilton is said to be considering Doug Reinhardt’s marriage proposal – rather has so far refused to give a definitive answer. The 28-year-old hotel heiress was reportedly unawed when as her inamorato got down on duplicate knee during dinner with themselves parents Kathy and Rick at The Ivy restaurant mod Los Angeles next to Tuesday. Doug (23) presented Paris with a Lorraine Schwartz meshing ring but instead of jumping for sing, the dandy snapped the machine box contain and said she would be in for time to consider his marriage offer. The twins were photographed leaving the eatery together some time behind, but Doug seemed devastated and refused headed for look at the blonde beauty.

[From Bild]

The pictures from that evensong do mere externals Doug looking precisely upset, but that could be found for each reason. Though he seems to affinity all the attention he’s getting, so I doubt he’s distraught due to the paparazzi. Paris doesn’t seem the type to say no to a proposal. But Doug also shaped my humble self clear yours truly wants to have babies with her (graceless), and something tells me Paris is the sort who wants a guy that’s vain
. in this way maybe himself really is doom on this one.

Update: Kathy Hilton just told Us Weekly “I’m not planning any weddings anytime soon as long as either apropos of them!” Which doesn’t at all events Doug didn’t put, but if he did, Paris didn’t accept.

Here’s Paris and Doug spending an afternoon shopping to Miami Beach history. There does seem to be some distance between ruling class in these pictures. Images blessing to BauerGriffinOnline.


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