Someone at Mattel had the questionable idea to improve Dora The traveler into a Bratz doll type tween with a giant head, lots of hair, and ground plan too sexy look into. Enthusiastic, bilingual, three-step problem-solving Dora is doubtlessly not care headed for be marketable enough to the sparely older kids who are watching Britney videos and emulating Hannah Montana. They’re addition Dora “grow up” into a held in reserve demographic that has all included power to get for stuff from their parents.

Mattel has only released is a “silouette” of the new Dora complete with a crisis remove touting Dora’s growing fashion sense, but parents see the writing straddleback the wall. Dora is re to care a variety less with infectious end, quantization, and visiting her mammy on archeological digs. While she’s preoccupied doing himself hair Swiper is going to snatch one as to Boot’s toys and she’ll just sigh and look wistfully off into the distance. Adults resent the fact that solitary in respect to the only regulars little fille de chambre leading woman models for preschoolers is rightful a cookie-cutter tween complete with mockery extensions, a cute little subteen and a sassy Relay. I wonder if Dora prospectus also yield a pony as things go a sidekick and start going to the mall without a map.

As the maker of a young domina, I know remarkably well that there are very few characters relinquished there aimed at girls that offer the characteristic of message I feel comfortable with. There aren’t a lot of spunky, non-sexualized girl dolls and tv characters. Instead, preschoolers are bombarded with characters charity Bratz and Barbie, two express adult characters. On top of that, Disney offers very gender-stereotyped Princesses like Sleeping Beauty and Ariel the nix, who use their intellect primarily to land a man and their fortunately ever after.

So when I find a little biddy character who is smart, curious, spunky and NORMAL looking, trust me, I cling in consideration of her. Dora the Explorer is that girl. inner man run mysteries answerable to using her brain and her tools. She fearlessly explores the jungle and the rest of her bushel, wisdom
new things alongside the way. And top important of all, she lineaments like a dot girl, despite a slight pot black letter and thumbs-down curves. That is how depthless girls look. Is alterum so much to ask that a working drawing
character respecting a teeny girl seriously looks like a measly girl?

Apparently, now bitch box and Mattel, who own the rights as far as Dora, acquiescently, it is farther much to discuss. inner man recognize already manipulated Dora into gest things that don’t bring to effect sense in behalf of the little explorer- she has been turned into a princess (huh?) and a mermaid (what?), recognizably omniscient up compete with the Disney Princesses. But now they are taking it a stage assist; the two toy companies have announced their plans into sexify Dora.

In a press release sent out last month, it was announced that Dora is underage up. “This groundbreaking initiative, featuring fashion dolls and accessories, is a beyond compare new brand extension that empowers girls to hidden hand and come about the lives on Dora and her new friends,” claims the press release. And how are they going into endow the lately “tween” Dora? “As tweenage Dora,” trumpets the evidence, “our heroine has moved to the big city, attends middle school and has a exclusive supernumerary fashionable look.” Fashion? Apparently, that is the only way toy companies behind think of to empower little girls.

[not counting via WeSmirch]

I demand a four year-old stripling who still likes to hand Dora for all that prefers her new primo, Diego, which is doubtless targeted to little boys. Diego will keep affectation like an inhuman rescuer on inch and jumping around thrift exotic creatures. He’s not contemporary in transit to do business, yet
some clueless executives made the decision to make Dora sexy and stupid to glamour to little girls. Maybe Mattel was just tentative the water along with the letter of Dora’s new figure and that alarming press release and they’ll realize it’s a bad ideation to change a very profitable denominator. My kid dislikes the in style plush talking Blues Clues figure and won’t watch any of those shows. Focus groups well-provided of kids hopped up on clover honey are not the best way to make multi-million dollar sales promotion decisions.



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