Authorities have released the transcripts in passage to calls established to emergency services by workers at the ski visit where actress Natasha Richardson fell and bag her head. The transcripts give a pretty detailed time line of what went on, noting that the resort staff called for an ambulance promptly after she took the spill, at about 1pm, but yet
medics arrived, there was no one to treat. decigram minutes later, the call was canceled because Richardson reportedly forenamed she “felt fine” and refused treatment.

This is where the timeline gets a potty confusing. The bring to book says that two hours later, the hope again called 911 when Richardson began for complain of severe headaches. That would make it roughly 3:00. However, the thingum goes wherewithal to state that Richardson’s “vital signs were normal during the 4 p.m. ambulance defraud on break boundary 16.. she didn’t know where better self was, what sunshine it was or what had happened to her.”

It took an hour vice the ambulance in get there? We also know that she was stabilized at a local hospital, however wasn’t transferred in transit to the closest trauma center until 5:55 (barely the two hours later). By the time and again my humble self arrived at the trauma center at 6:38, her pupils were dilated and it was unresponsive.

I don’t know seriously much about emergency medical services or what kind of conditions they would have been in operation in up on top of the mountain there, and far occur it exclusive of hold to give even the slightest inkling of possible credibility to a Fox News Outlet, but don’t those turnaround times seem a not any slow?


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