Nickelodeon and Mattel hate your child.

How do I know?

The draft above is the new Dora the Explorer. Apparently, the duplicated companies feel that they need Dora in passage to “grow up”  along with her fans instead of say, I don’t know, staying normal and attracting NEW fans. They gave her virtuoso big pagent-y hair, what I’m sure are sparkly flats, and what appears to be a dangerously short skirt. subconscious self cannot “explore” anything decent in a skirt that spaghetti Western without showin’ what the well-disposed lord gave ya.

I don’t even watch Dora (unit have no youngsters) and I’m a little miffed within earshot this. whyever not give her an the quiet-voiced elders clubwoman or something? Why do you have to ruin one of the few non-skank role model/toys that young girls have wherewith turning her into a Miley manifold?  I don’t stack up with believe Dora’s been around long enough in aid of the majority of her fans in passage to have outgrown her, and even if they have people do this weird thing where inner man mate and then a baby pops vomitory. For every fan Dora loses to puberty there’s gonna be two more unto take their place.

Ugh, what kind as regards pervert exec comes surge with an idea to “sexify” a character aimed at children anyway?


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