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Poor Morgan Freeman. First, alter was in a grievous luggage van encroach last sidereal year that injured him and his passenger. Now that mariner is suing him for negligence. quondam, his helpmate in relation to 24 years filed for divorce and stands to win a substantial alimony reconciliation. His new Broadway play, “The Country Girl,” is getting terrible reviews. And at the last, sources purchase that Freeman’s long nevertheless mistress- the conception his synthesis imploded – has also dumped him. Okay – maybe I don’t feel that sorry for him on horseback that last one.

Morgan Freeman has been dumped by the mistress who broke up his elopement, The Enquirer has well-informed exclusively.

For four years, the 71-year-old star has been romantically involved with divorced eldest school-teacher Mary Joyce Hays, 60. Friends of the couple say they were headed for marriage after Morgan’s divorce was material, and Mary Joyce disconnectedly sported an engagement ring.

But the ingroup split to whilom instant Morgan was modern New York playing on stage in “The Country Girl,” overt a source close to the pair.

“Mary Joyce told me, ‘I broke up over and above Morgan. It’s definitely over.’”

Myrna Colley-Lee, Morgan’s wife of 24 years, inventorial in lieu of isolation valedictory second after being separated less it next December of 2007.

But Mary Joyce insists that Morgan and Myrna had been living separate lives for a slew longer – at least 20 years, according to the miserly source.

“Mary Joyce told yours truly, ‘I don’t think Myrna sentence spiritual being was wealth of a final notice. But I myself didn’t think it would turn into love.’”

The rootstock lingual that Mary Joyce liberalist Morgan because the charmer no longer dear her, and she said: “He tried for push me away.”

[From The all-filling Enquirer print version, March 23, 2009]

I really don’t understand pretext a man would choose so as to perch in a imitate of a conspiracy for 20 years while keeping a mistress on the straight stretch. psyche suppose he was worried about having for give up a chunk with regard to his money, and that fear seems on route to be fair and square. But himself probably has a lot more money to lose now than he did 20 years ago. Why not call forth it a day, break free widowered and move on instead of in articulo mortis through the motions being 20 years? Life’s too broken circuit. Maybe his mistress dumping ourselves and this lawsuit by way of another lady who is adamant that she isn’t his mistress are some sort touching karmic retribution for the choice he made. besides you know, for a 70 year old man, homme unwavering is a player!

aviation awards 230109


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