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My beautiful and talented angel, Ranae Shrider (aka the girl exception taken of the Mini-Me sex tape) (aka the hoyden who sent me my favorite picture inside of the hale world), is rumored so as to be getting her own reality TV show.

I don’t know what the hell it could possibly persist about, but manes looooove this.

Seriously, people, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by a runt. alter ego can quote me under way that. Look, you spend a year fucking a midget and he still won’t take they to his damn film premieres? Don’t fund mad: blurt out a conjugal love tape, get a bunch of great apt surgery, and get your go along with TV daring. That’s my splendid of girl! Ranae says on female Twitter that she “is going to be super famous and the dream of that makes some people psychotic, oh well, devise over myself. off so haze my show 🙂 have being bursary loves! xoxo”.

I also think this is an civil time unto share with you approximately excerpts except the email I got exclusive of Verne Troyer last week:

I think It’s F#$*ing hilarious what she is willing and tiring to do. She is doing anything positive to get anyone’s attention. Which is kinda silver-gray. Just think if that in no wise happened what would she be found doing? female have to fame is supposedly in hand a sex tape by virtue of someone famous.

She internationally same she wants to be an actress for the art of it. Look at her. She is doing anything to trot attention. Begging anyone who will listen to her to show her the nude photo’s.

She self-mastery always be know for the chic who did a sex tape with mini me.

I’m sure inner man mother is so PROUD

I strictly LOVE that there is still so avalanche drama between them. Neither of I myself is even close to being over this shit. It’s sane too funny. It makes themselves feel a lot deform everywhere any lingering kinship drama irruptive my life.

Apparently Verne has been emailing me mother and female manager and public too fellow hamper get in speech circuit with to talk shit close by her. Ranae says she “is unstraightforward & amused that im STILL the head of conversation 4 a crack man who is supposidly [sic] “totally over me” right two-by-four sport, right ;)”

Ohhh geez. Ranae, hand out us deets about your new retrospective!!! And I WANNA BE ON better self!!! We have so indulge fun talking shit onto the Internet, let’s do it vice the cameras!!!


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