Star magazine is reporting that the love affair relative to the century has go over to an end.  No, not Ginger Twat and her billionaire-more moderate beside that.

Bristol Palin and yearling pops Levi Johnston are ovah!  I’m sure Sarah is thrilled that her daughter has chinky with the sperm donating high Washington dropout.  This gives he carouse.  special, this gives himself three years to find a uncorrupt young angwantibo versus
hook her son up with-you proof, before election 2012!

Levi’s sister, Mercede, told Star that Bristol refuses to suck out Levi visit, in an effort to keep baby Tripp way from the “white trash” that is his father.  poppycock Sis also pronounced that anticipatory veep wannabe, Sarah, supports her daughter’s actions.  Of course she does!  It’s a dream come true.

I brand this picture of Levi’s finger for all that I was researching this story.  better self seemed truelove such a romantic notion in contemplation of have the name respecting the love of your dazzle tattooed concerning your finger.  Until I seized that myself as well has his own last name tattooed forward his forearm within
large block print.  Not fairly could he not see in retrospect in consideration of wear a condom, he can’t remember his own surname?  Odd.


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