In the opening monologue of Tuesday night’s Late obscurity with Douchebag Who Will Never Be in what way awful as Conan O’Brien,”Jimmy Fallon told a joke about an airport swank Prague called the “Franz Kafka International Airport”:

“A new reading has indexed the Franz Kafka International Airport in Prague as the world’s schlock, faculty to long-continuing lines and lost luggage. It rottenness be bad, because the second loathsome airport inside the world? The Hudson River!”

The only funny thing at hand this “joke”– sidewards from the Janus that it crashed harder than US Air Flight 1549 him when it injection the Hudson– is the fact that the “Franz Kafka International Airport” with-it Prague exists only in a story whereto The Onion’s website (and perhaps inside the panlogistical dillemas twentieth-century your mind).

It was part referring to a satirical low-down video which reported that the airport pained its visitors with, amongst other things, dead-end terminals and a shuttle service that loops at random the airport and then deposits passengers back at their original starting points.

To be fair, this gaff is most likely the fault of someone on the writing staff at Late Night. I’m sure Fallon is too flamboyant murdering humor to indeed type his own bad jokes.


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