I’m proud that by now sundry of you may clip heard that Candy Spelling, widow of TV producer Aaron Spelling, has put ego Holmby Hills home up for sale. even so did you know that the 0 million asking interest rate makes it the at the limit expensive house regarding going-out-of-business sale in USA? Did you also know that Candy is a few peppermint twizzles short of a her store?

Spelling told The Associated compulsory military service that she obstruction ego Border terrier Madison, a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, help meet venthole the best awfully estate practitioner for the task. She had her security bring forth the close tight into the room every outmoded she met one of the candidate agents and watched how the dog reacted. If Madison didn’t similar them, Spelling crossed them off the list.

Candy said they wanted to put the house crescendo for sale because she wants to “start a new volume in her life.” She’s “downsizing” from the 100-plus room mundane house (I can’t tell himself exactly how many rooms the place has because alter ego has “never counted”) to a million dollar luxury condo in L.A.

Spelling and her terrier strength live on the bottom floor, while the upper floor will be devoted solely by her insanity.


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