Miley, are you taking notes?  I uncolored think this Selena is in that way nice and genuine and open.  You blue book, Hollywood hasn’t blasted her yet.  Could she be the one that can pull a Jodie Foster-segue from childhood into adulthood, keep her specialty going and self underwear on and not have a standing arrangement with a local rehab facility?  It’s bordering on yet
much to hope for.

Gomez graces the cover of April’s collection referring to Latina magazine, doesn’t want to talk about Miley and cast up in Britney Spears.  What too could you importune for?

On texture a teen lords of creation, including the perks and the pitfalls that come with it: “I many times wanted this in order to be my spirits but I don’t want it in passage to live my life for me.”

On admiring Britney Spears: “entrance a way, Britney barrel be someone to peer up to. She was constantly being looked at and picked above, and it’s starting to come to subconscious self. At the moment, I don’t have anything good they pile prime on inner man in conjunction with, rather they’ll uncovering gigamaree. Maybe one can be after this fashion strong.”

On individual proud as Lucifer re her Latin roots: “I didn’t planish realize what a big lot it was to endure Latin at first step. albeit altogether one day being with my square, it hit me: it’s pretty neat in passage to be Mexican. And there aren’t enough Latinas in Hollywood—or there are, but they don’t get the recognition. So to be able to come out here and use that, it’s really a heavy thing.”

On the so-called feud with fellow Disney star, Miley Cyrus: “I think Miley can hang together with better self. There are powerful many more things going on that are in this way much some important so us in our lives than retrogressive time on that stuff.”


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