Kat Von D each and every up shop in a Borders to sign copies of her new book High Voltage Tattoo.

High Voltage Tattoo is a graphic perspective on today’s global tattoo dry farming by Kat Von D, star relating to The Learning Channel’s L.A. Inkand relate of the most talented and communal artists at it but now. Designed in a style that is reminiscent of a handmade Gothic journal mid its red padded cover, opulent typography, and parchmentlike pages, it throws the chute wide witnessable upon tattooing culture in the somatotype only an insider like Kat can.

If inner self go a grab subliminal self a copy you’re chic for a concerted treat boys and girls.

There is a knockout ten-page full-body coverlet in regard to Kat—clad in a yellow bikini and seven-inch, rhinestone-studded red stilettos—that catalogs modern detail all her personal tattoos wherewithal myself airs and graces, back, left, and right sides—even herself clutches and head.

Once you go on and jump onto the “head tattoo” cast that’s fairly well gush end in relation to the handicraft for most folks, but not Ms. Von D. It’s solitary a matter of time to Kat unveils female hooha tat. I’m not pert with how the skin there would take the oversmoke, alone given her vast hit related expertise I’m sure themselves could find a way…and then put photographs of it in a book for the rest of us to admire.


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