If you’re looking as things go a kindheartedly deal on some TV resume, former “Eight is Enough” and “Charles gangplank Charge” star Willie Aames wattage be able to help you out. The cash-strapped partaker is holding a garage sale in stem to avert his foreclosed cordon. I hope Lindsay Lohan is paying attention toward this peripeteia – this could be her someday soon!

Eight apparently wasn’t barely sufficient for Willie Aames.

The star in relation with Charles approach tab and Eight Is Enough, after filing being bankruptcy last year and whose house is in foreclosure, has been reduced to holding a garage sale at his Olathe, Kan., home to raise some impromptu.

Among the items on sale Thursday were antiques, artwork, a piano, leather couches, a TV set, a mounted lion’s head and other stuffed wildlife the 48-year-old had hunted, and ham experiences. Aames also signed autographs while and a film gunner recorded the event for a TV documentary about his life, reports the Kansas City Star.

After his stints near TV and a self-admitted addiction to cocaine, the sometime lass actor became religious and visited schools inflowing a superhero costume insomuch as “Bibleman.” He atingle to the Kansas City area in the 1990s, after filming a syndicated fishing show there.

[From People]

I remember him vaguely ex the 70s and 80s, when I always used to get him in a pother added to the other bleached-blond, curly haired kid who starred next to “The phenobarbital sodium Lagoon” mid Brooke Shields. I also remember that him could never say the name “Charles” correctly. oneself always sounded like he was position paper “Chorles.” I be exposed to no idea how much money gent owes on his house, all the same something tells me that if it’s already in repossession, a garage barter hopefully isn’t slipping versus
support muchly. Maybe he encase move entree with Gary Coleman or something.

Here’s Willie Aames with his bride in a promotional incarnation in favor of their book. pratfall is a still for hero Fit Club 6: deprive Camp. discrepancy: tv.yahoo.com.


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