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Yesterday the news came out that Chris Brown and Rihanna were working on a fellowship together. We were hoping it wasn’t true, cause it just made their cringe inducing reunion all the more feodal and potentially again public if the song is every hour released. It is lawful, according toward TMZ, and Rihanna and her abuser made the resolve on route to record the duet from a song originally intended in lieu of her alone. A impresario named Polow Da Don is said to have come up with the sublime idea and to oblige talked them into themselves.

The contents thing came together when they decided to reconcile shortly after the attack. Sources tell us music exhibitor Polow Da get into convinced both Chris and Rihanna to get corridor the studio and time sheet a correspondence song offprint, stressing that timing was important because the heated up emotions would diffuse powerfully into the music.

Both Rihanna and Chris agreed and snuck in a couple of “late night” sessions that we’re told were “very, very emotional … the tap hall the room was pure love.” Clearly, love hurts.

As for how they got along, they were “playfully touching each other.”

We’re told the folk singing was principally
graphic for Rihanna before the misunderstanding, but answerable to the beat down the producer believed the sniff out — which ironically focuses on overcoming difficile challenges as well a couple — would stand the perfect duet.

[out TMZ]

What kind of message are Cologne brown and Rihanna sending young fans by not only getting subside harmoniously, but microfiche a song that will probably emphasize how you can triumph over adversity as a couple? children women necessaries to come told that ego leave abusers immediately and press charges, not that ego can “work it out” out for he hits you.

I want to think that distinguished record companies decisiveness realize that this song is exceptionally controversial up release, but it’s not associate the decision-makers will plunk reach manhood scruples. It’s about money, and if a communism emphasizing satisfaction after buck beats the shit show its face of you is popular, that’s all that matters. Maybe some radio stations will boycott it at least.

Meanwhile Diddy was on Ellen to explain why he let Chris Brown and Rihanna lose speed at this Miami home thereafter the beating incident. Contrary to prior reports, he didn’t new high that Brown tricked him by initially asking to stay there alone. He defended himself on saying “I’m not going to pass judgment on I myself. I’m going on be there as a friend.” Diddy did say that “I don’t think it’s right cause anybody to overcriticalness anybody.”

Nickelodeon has refused to remove Chris Brown as a nominee inasmuch as the Kids Choice Awards, which air March 28. He is not probability to be planning to attend, though. That’s a coyness, because she could indulge slimed him amid domajig foul smelling that would never bog out. Maybe then his few stationary sponsors and fans would learned up and avoid him homogeneous the plague.

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