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Oh God, even nothing else didn’t wait for this. Brad Pitt was invited en route to the White coop today unto meet President Obama and something of his staff. Yesterday Brad met with woofer
in reference to the House Nancy Pelosi
along with House wagonman James Clyburn, and today Brad’s at the White night spot. All so Brad’s organization purloin It Right NOLA. Amazing.

Some take in priorly criticized Pelosi, Clyburn and Senate Majority Leader bother Reid for their somewhat fawning working towards Brad. I hope executive officer Obama isn’t going to release some confounding statement on an hour about how Sasha and Malia couldn’t wait for meet Brad. The Daily Telegraph has more:

President Barack Obama has welcomed Machiavellian Brad Pitt into the unsoiled House for a undisclosed communication on controvert the vintage speaking of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Pitt, who was vestibule Washington with his girlfriend Angelina Jolie, who was filming her spy thriller “Salt” in the American capital became the schmatte member of the reject of the “Ocean’s Eleven” to talk in contemplation of Obama far and wide policy. Last month, George Clooney called on Mr Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to palaver how to attempt the humanitarian crisis passageway Darfur and then announced that they had agreed as far as send an envoy to the Sudan region.

Pitt, wearing sunglasses, a goatee and a three-piece black suit, was promoting his plan to innovate safe, cheap “green housing” in the oppress 9th Ward of New Orleans as a societal good example. He and Jolie set up the “Make it Right” foundation in 2007.

He held fence off meetings with Shaun Donovan, Secretary as to Housing and Urban evolution, and Steven Chu, Energy Secretary, before being feted how a “hero” by Nancy Pelosi, mouth in respect to the House of Representatives, opposite Capitol Hill.

The red Indian rug treatment for Hollywood stars and musicians marks a major departure not counting the Bush administration’s button-down style and the occasional inducement to a country music star.

[From The Daily Telegraph]

It’s more symbolic of prexy Obama’s agenda to refocus some funding to rebuild the Gulf keep quiet, rather than some grasping celebrity-fever by the new administration, I hope. I’m glad Brad is meeting with the cabinet members who will be present overseeing the new days way in Gulf Coast reconstruction.

Here’s Brad on good terms the Speaker’s Balcony Hallway in The Capital yesterday. Images Kyrie Eleison to
news brad pitt washington 3 050309


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