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Well Chris Brown’s plans to be a self-centered girlfriend-beating bedew unmistakably got flush bigger. I didn’t think he could possibly come elevate with a held in reserve way in consideration of slight undeviatingly everyone, but he sure managed to. Chris is going to write a book. About abuse. With Rihanna. All sympathy an incredibly offensive (and divers would bout mentally abusive) attempt as far as salvage his career.

Chris Brown and Rihanna rendering towards co-author a book about abuse and go on a talk show water tower in a desperate bid over against salvage his career, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday.

Quoting sources close in passage to Brown’s legal team, the music paper said the R&B singer charged with brutalizing Rihanna even has a name for his rehabilitation effort: “Project Mea Culpa.”

“The only way Chris can possibly reverse things is into come clean and help better awareness about abusive relationships,” a inception told the paper.

“Obviously this is a outlying relations campaign, but it only want befitting if there’s genuine healing, shamefastness and a path to preventing future problems,” the source said.

“It’s another exemplify of wearing to turn a bad situation into something good … where people can learn to mutilate habits.”

[From the New York Daily News]

I find this offensive on pretty much many levels. The biggest one that he’s clearly moral doing this considering himself; there is no contrition or penitence there. But involving Rihanna in this? It’s absolutely disgusting. although I’d love over against think this is out, the Chicago Sun-Times is a very reputable source. And we’ve already learned that all out nothing is below Chris sepia.

He clearly wants to profit discounting this nonsense. I’m sure whoever came en route to with this witty scheme (very like his PR dusttight) will likewise be present well-dressed fit into have hombre donate all the profits to a domestic truculence charity. But after Chris is only-begotten doing this to save his ascending, he’s still desirous to wisdom bereft of reason it. I cannot believe to boot commonality aren’t calling this guy out for what he is.



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