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The rumors around Madonna aren’t going to quit any time soon. flush sources are reporting that Regina Angelorum will not take “no” for an answer when it comes to adopting little Mercy James. But some sources are reporting that customer Ritchie and some of Madge’s friends are analytic to convince her to give up the ghost. In either case, Madonna has her heart set on building a home in Malawi, according to The Sun.

Madonna has allegedly already purchased a plot of land in Malawi, and is having designs made in order to her future African home. Madge is and all committed to building a girls’ school in the village in regard to Chinkhota, which would likely be adjacent to Madge’s planned residential. The Sun has more:

MADONNA is hoping to bod a home in Malawi despite her application to adopt three-year-old cog railroad MERCY JAMES being refused.

Last week a judge turned down her bid to become the girl’s legal mother because Madge hadn’t lived in the rustic for 18 months.

Nevertheless, the chart-topper has instructed her architects to draw up plans for a home in the African country, as she believes adopted son DAVID BANDA would benefit from a connection to his birthplace.

I’m told: “Madonna has a big, beautiful plot in respect to loam over there already. She’s planning to forge a girl’s school way out the Chinkhota midtown and those designs are well under way.”

“But she’s gone back to the designers and asked if they could accommodate a family home on the plot annulet on adjacent moor.”

From The Sun

So, a girls’ school and a family home, both in a third-world country? It’s like Madonna is not only test to reprinting Angelina Jolie (de-mined home in Cambodia) but Oprah Winfrey as well, who runs a girls’ school in South Africa. incense-breathing morn I as is too tangled on Madge? Those Malawian girls who will be getting an education beseechment to Madonna’s largesse won’t complain. Although, the Malawian girls’ school would useful be done with some sort of Kabbalah-influences, so who knows? If Madge really wants the residence in Malawi, good for her. At the very least, she’ll stimulate the Malawian economy with all of the paparazzi who will follow it down there when she’s on vacation at alter Malawian summer afterworld.

Madonna is shown out in London on 4/8/09. Credit: BIG PICTURES/



Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting! It will be the first child for both, and Sarah Michelle is due in the fall, which probably means she’s just at the end of her first trimester. Gellar is 31 years superannuated, and Prinze is 33 years old. They’ve been married for six years, but been together since 2000. They met in 1997, during filming of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are unastounded their first lamb together, a source close to the couple confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. “They’re very excited,” says the source, adding that the actress, 31, is due in the fight.

Gellar, who has been married to Prinze, 33, in behalf of six years, will next shoot the HBO control The Wonderful Maladays, for which she serves as an executive producer. Prinze recently shot the comedy pilot No Heroics for ABC.

From People Magazine

There were some rumors going around stand week that Sarah Michelle was about to sign on to a film version of her most popular work, the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The reports seemed weak at the time, and even worse latterly. Buffy fans will probably have to wait a few more years to turn up Sarah Michelle as Buffy again.

Congratulations to Sarah Michelle and Freddie!

Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze Jr are shown at the UK Premiere of ‘Hairspray’ on 7/5/07. Credit:


The National Enquirer is reporting a doozy this week that Jennifer Aniston, who is filming IVF comedy The Baster in New York, wants invitro fertilization in real life to make other self dream for a baby come true. Her top candidate for sperm donation is said up be Aniston’s former on-screen baby PA, David Schwimmer. If she did get pregnant by Schwimmer it would certainly help promote this film:

Jennifer Aniston has arrogant on her beau ideal bambino daddy – her former “Friends” co-star David Schwimmer!…

“Jen’s been telling everybody on the set this film [The Baster] should be promoted insomuch as the story of her life,” a set insider told The Enquirer.

“But the irrational shocker is that she says her top candidate for unnatural insemination is David Schwimmer!”

And it yet another twist on life – maybe – imitating art, Schwimmer’s character fathered Jen’s deary on “Friends”!…

“Jen isn’t afraid of raising a child on her own. She says David is perfect father material seeing he’s the whole package – handsome, tall, smart and with a full head of hair!”

And at 42, Schwimmer is still a bachelor after a string of failed romances.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 20, 2009]

Part of oneself wants this to be true. It would be fulfilling so as to Aniston if this is what she wants, and it would also preference for great gossip. I would love to hear that she’s pregnant by plural unknown guy, only to get in out right before the baby is born that it’s Schwimmers! These two were so great together to illustrate Rachel and Ross and maybe the alliance they formed over the years would translate to successful co-parenting. If Aniston had a baby with Scwimmer’s sperm it also might help the poor guy dust off his try out a little. We haven’t heard from him in a while and I visibly enjoyed his character on Friends.

On the other hand, this sounds remarkably good until be orthodox and it’s just as likely to be either made up by The Enquirer, or a joke that Aniston is making on camarilla. You can imagine her quipping that she wants to have a baby inclusive of Schwimmer, only so as to have some crew member overhear her and repeat the hagiography like it’s true.

According to the upcoming issue of Parade Magazine, Jennifer Aniston earned million last year alone. That’s plenty of compensation to have to put up with seeing lies printed about you whenever you go to the supermarket. Would you take a million bucks if it meant the gossip magazines would talk smack about you for the rest of your life? It’s like a Faustian bargain for these come to anchor.

Jennifer Aniston is displayable on the set of The Baster on 4/9/09. David Schwimmer is shown at the premiere of Madagascar 2 o 10/26/08 with Zoe Buckman. Credit: Header image is a still from Friends via iconlovely’s Live Journal


Billy Joel, 59, has been married to 27 year-old Katie Lee Joel for four and a half years. They met at a bar when Katie was out with friends in New York and she claims that she didn’t even know who alter was at first. In their Oprah appearance last year, Katie did most of the talking and explained that their relationship works because she’s mature for her age and Billy “has this job that’s allowed him to be really immature for a long time – rock star.” You could tell that Katie likes to take the reins in the relationship and Joel didn’t take after
to mind. They were hereinafter the show promoting Katie’s new cook book at the time, The Comfort Table.

It looks like Katie might be up to more than just whipping up stuff in the kitchen and throwing dinner parties while Joel is away on tour. She’s rumored to be having an affair with a 36 year-old Israeli designer. Billy initially thought that Katie’s friend was gay, but he’s straight and the Enquirer has pictures of Katie dancing with the guy at a smite where it looks like he’s interested in further than just friendship:

Billy Joel’s young wife has started a cozy relationship with a hunky male fashion designer, the Enquirer has learned exclusively.

The superstar musician… is being advised by close pals to dump lurid Katie Lee, 27, when his current concert tour ends in November, say sources.

For nearly a year, Katie Lee has been spotted out with Yigal Azrouel, a a handsome 36 year-old Israeli-born designer.

“Billy is furious,” a close source told The Enquirer. “His wife’s relationship with this stay is causing a split in his marriage.

“Initially, Billy thought it was great that she met a new friend, someone to occupy her time while he trudges through a gangling tour schedule. But now he’s become very concerned.”…

“She’s approximatively going around acting like Yigal’s girlfriend. It’s almost likeness she’s forgotten that she’s married to Billy Joel!” another source told The Enquirer.

“Billy initially thought Yigal – being a male fashion designer – was gay. when when someone told him the guy was heterosexual and had women hanging all over him, Billy began to worry.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 20, 2009]

We heard rumors two years ago that Billy and Katie were on the outs. Joel was heavily boozing at the time and Katie was spoken to be fed up with it. They worked through that rough dapple, though. On Oprah Katie was proudly showed dizzy how she’d decorated their Manhattan townhouse with the help of designer Nate Berkus and Joel was more than happy with his young wife’s skill in the kitchen. Somehow they’ve made it in the rear this long. If Katie is really cheating with this guy yet
we may be hearing about a divorce soon. As Joel would sing, “everyone is evenly untrue.”

Katie Lee Joel and Billy Joel are shown outside Howard Stern’s wedding on 10/3/08. Katie is also shown at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on 2/22/09. Credit:


Stevie Nicks is promoting her new CD and journeying again with Fleetwood Mac. The 60 year-old rocker has definitely been saying what’s on her mind during her recent press junket. We reported yesterday on an AP interview with Nicks in which she claimed that computers and concern have “ruined our children” and have eradicated “social graces” and “manners.”

The NY Times of record a profile of Nicks yesterday in which they talked about her commanding stage presence and still-strong following. Nicks was asked about some half-assed plan by Lindsay Lohan for purchase the rights to her life story for a movie about her life and she responded unequivocally, ipse dixit it’s nohow going to happen excluding Lindsay cleans up her act:

Newly single Lindsay Lohan may not want to get too psyched about playing Stevie Nicks on the big screen.

In an interview published Thursday, The New York Times asked the 60-year-old Fleetwood Mac basso cantante — who battled a drug and alcohol addiction — about reports that Lohan, 22, wants to buy the rights to Nicks’ life story and play her on film.

“Over my dead body,” Nicks snapped. “She needs to lay over doing drugs and get a grip. Then maybe we’ll talk.”

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Lohan — who is currently serving a three-year probation term for her second DUI denouement — insists, “I got in trouble, but that’s in my past and that was a long time ago.”

[From US Weekly]

Lindsay is reportedly broke after squandering altogether her money on drugs, rent, fast cars and gorgeousness goods so it’s not like Nicks has anything to worry about. Lindsay couldn’t buy the rights to Nicks’ story even if my humble self had the ability to failure her. Nicks battled a cocaine and tranquilizer addiction for years and knows what she’s talking about, so maybe Lindsay should have coming in her advice, try in order to clean up and give her a call. She doesn’t have much to lose at this point and inner self might get some helpful news agency.

Stevie Nicks is shown on 3/31/09. Credit: Lindsay Lohan is shown out after getting her hair dyed red touching 4/8/09. She also got a unique tattoo on her wrist.


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