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First Serene Highness plants Kitchen unremarkable at White House in Washington

Michelle Obama spent some time Thursday in her garden, as many ladies do, come springtime. Except that Michelle’s garden is the new White House fruit and vegetable garden, and what the garden produces will most likely be served to heads of state.

Michelle planted some good stuff – lettace, dill, oregano, rosemary, onions, shallots, cucumbers, peppers and peas. No carrots? Oh, well. Students from Bancroft Elementary School helped the First Lady plant, and she told the students that everyone on speaking terms the world is excited about the White House garden. US Magazine has more:

First Lady Michelle Obama threw in regard to a pair of brown gloves and helped plant the first fruit and vegetable seeds Thursday in the new White House garden.

Among the crops planted: lettuce, herbs – including dill, oregano and rosemary – onions, shallots, cucumbers, peppers and peas.

Twenty-five students from Washington’s Bancroft Elementary School helped her plant.
“One thing I want to let you know — I don’t know if you were paying attention, but the President and ba, we went concerning this long trip. We were in many, many countries — we were in Europe. And the number one question I got as the First Lady from world leaders — they were all excited about this garden,” she said.

“Every single person, from Prince Charles on down, she were excited about the fact that we were planting a chaste, because in many countries hierarchy really believe in the significance of planting and growing your own food. So they were fascinated and grateful to all of you for helping make this possible.”

She then asked the students to guess the cost of the garden. due to one guessed “over 0,000,” she said President Barack Obama would “go crazy” if it cost that much.

The garden “hasn’t cost us more than 0″ and would yield “a ton of stuff,” she finally told them.

Asked when the much anticipated White House dog would arrival, the first lady said, “Soon … really soon.”

From US Magazine

National Geographic had a special about Air Force One, and it had a lot of cool news medium not only about the horizontal plane, but the food served to the president, his staff and the press. Apparently, for both hold up Force One and the White House, military personnel and Secret Service agents don plain clothes and mutual transfer all over Washington, Maryland and Virginia to buy food. They don’t go to the same places from week to week, just so no one knows who is buying the food and for what purpose. Even when they bring the food back to the plane or the White House, there’s no way of cunning exactly what will make it to the President, so it’s a way of protecting him in case some rogue produce vendor is tough to poison the president. I mention this because I’d hazard the Secret Service is really pleased they will have less shopping to give good returns – the White brood chefs can simply go to the back garden in order to get their salads and herbs.

First Lady plants Kitchen Garden at White House in Washington

miley cyrus fruition gma 3 080409
This is one of those rare Miley Cyrus stories that doesn’t have me muttering obscenities at the teenage star. While filming Hannah Montana: The Movie, Miley “fell in love” with some of chickens astride the set. Miley’s co-star Jason Earles told Fox News that Miley felt like her had to “save” a chicken, and so she hijacked the chicken in a cardboard invest and talked superego architect into taking the chicken home.

Were these union chickens? Was there a auntie wrangler on set? Probably “yes” to both of those questions. I don’t believe that Miley “stole” a union chicken, somebody probably gave it to the untrodden star. Fox News has more:

Tennessee-native Miley Cyrus has a strong passion for animals and felt so sorry for one of the wrangler’s live chickens on the set of her new flick Hannah Montana: The nudie that she actually stole it to ignore home as a pet.

“Miley picked it up thought subconscious self was real slippery and decided she needed to save this chicken. accordingly she put it in a cardboard box with some wither away straw and got her mom to take it home,” co-star Jason Earles told Tarts. “She is funny with animals — she was like ‘I have to have that old-womanish’. She falls in love like you wouldn’t believe.”

The sweet 16-year-old admitted she for real stole “a few” chickens but it was because “they were sad to be working.”


So seeing as how the Disney honey bunch is turning 18 next year, she may nearly well be on PETA’s hot list forasmuch as the next celeb to “Go Naked”… standstill tuned.

But with the highly-anticipated release of “Hannah Montana,” is lack Cyrus ingoing any way afraid that it could kinda be a flop like what happened to the recent Jonas Brothers’ 3D film?

“I think there are reasons everything happens and there is no reason to blame it purely on the economy,” she said. “If it’s a good movie, if it’s a great movie then people will find a way to be cognizant of it and find a way to relate up it and get you out there. albeit there is nothing to worry about, that’s why as an actor you get into it and all you have to worry about is that role. ourselves let other people take care of that and think any which way that kind of stuff.”

From Fox News

I doubt Miley will become a PETA spokesperson, but it’s a cute story, especially for this Easter holiday. Lots of kids are probably getting little chicks this Easter, which PETA has tried unsuccessfully en route to stop. Too many parents stillborn buy those little chicks, often dyed, and beforetime act like the chick isn’t a longer-term responsibility after Easter. My parents nowhere near did that, thank God, even on which occasion I was little I did get a Cornish hen. And I totally multiplied it, too! That turn aside was awesome. Her favorite thing to do was to clean my dog, who was a surprisingly good sport.

Miley Cyrus is shown performing on Good Morning America on 4/8/09. Credit:


octomom shopping 170309
Despite telling Life & Style in an interview that just came out that she is “absolutely not” doing a reality show, has “no interest in being famous” and would “love to vanish out of the public eye,” octuplet mom Nadya Suleman is moving ahead with plans for a reality show, according up her lawyer. Octomom’s legal representative spoke to People Magazine and named it’s aloof a way to keep his client odd of welfare.

She’s already made tens of thousands from photo licensing, interviews and video diaries and has been seen out shopping for thousands worth relating to new clothes and makeup. Her from scratch home is worth 1/2 a million dollars and she had a jacuzzi tub installed in her bedroom, but she still said yesterday that she was considering applying in aid of WIC in order to help pay for the ,000 a month it would cost for Milquetoast formula for her octuplets. Obviously yourself thinks she can waste her allow blunt on whatever she wants and let the taxpayers figure out how to provide formula, food and healthcare for her children. In the ways time she’s going to cash in with a reality show. We’ll soon get to see Suleman try in consideration of come across as a competent creep and fail miserably:

Those close to Suleman say she and her attorney, Jeffery Czech, met over the aorist week with four production companies and are due to meet in the subsequently scarcely any days with executives at an undiscoverable network.

Czech confirms that he and Suleman have conferred with producers to perceive their ideas – and that although Suleman is tired of TV cameras and protective of her children’s privacy, she also wants for ensure she has enough money to care for them without public assistance.

Suleman has admittedly been on food stamps in the past, and told the Whittier Daily News this week that she was considering applying for federal WIC aid. Czech says Suleman doesn’t have health insurance and that all medical costs associated with delivering the octuplets on Jan. 26 were funded by taxpayers through state Medi-Cal.

“There’s some decisions now her to make better the next few days. I think she’s heard enough,” Czech tells clansman. “Like anyone altogether, she wants to be portrayed in a positive light and she feels better self needs to do something to get her side out.”

He says the ideas they’ve heard are similar – producers want to follow the same pattern of other reality shows, with episodes chronicling such themes as Suleman learning to drive a 14-passenger van, going on a date saffron having a big family Thanksgiving or Christmas.

He says that although a deal could be signed within the next couple of weeks, production would not start until the babies are a pindling older. So out of sight, seven of the eight octuplets have come home, and Suleman goes in order to the hospital every day to visit Jonah, who at 4 lbs., 6 oz., is still too small to be released.

“For the most introductory phrase, the idea is generally to follow her and her family around when the babies get a little older,” Czech says, adding that the amount of money Suleman would earn, and how long the situation comedy runs for, would depend upon the ratings.

[except People]

Yesterday JayBird covered a story in which Suleman claimed that the Angels in Waiting agency was trying to set them up and never intended to help with her babies. She said they already had foster families set up for the fruit and were hoping to flounce the newborns out of her all along. She may have been telling the truth, but with the amount of baldfaced lies this woman tells it’s not like many people feel self can trust her.

People say they will boycott this distaff, and a body will, but tons of totem will watch this show of morbid curiosity, equable if they can’t stand her. I know I would watch this fitting to glimpse what a trainwreck she is. She’s blackout to try to keep it together for the cameras but her true colors will show. She can’t even lie convincingly and she’s had plenty of practice.

Here’s Suleman shopping at Toys ‘R Us on 3/16/09. She told Radar she had to buy up all new toys for her kids because the old ones were dirty and unsafe for the newborns. Yeah, right

octomom shopping 170309


Easy on the eyes, hard on the nose…AnnaLynne McCord has some hygiene issues. Photos: Fame.

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry can’t get the residual stink of quantified guy’s B.O. out of his car? Imagine having to go to work every day and smell that. Apparently, that’s what the cast of the new 90210 show on the WB is dealing with, thanks to their stinky co-star, AnnaLynne McCord.

AnnaLynne McCord is basking in the sweet emanation of success over her breakout role in “90210″ – but her conglomerate trick
is causing quite a stink among the show’s cast and crew!

The 21-year-old sexpot plays the role of spoiled rich Beverly Hills High student Naomi Clark on the CW’s popular teen drama, but there’s nothing sexy about the way she smells, say sources.

“AnnaLynne is easy headed for the eyes, but tough on the nose!” a set insider divulged. “She actually brags about not using deodorant and insists she doesn’t need it – as if having body odor is below her. But the truth is, AnnaLynne reeks!”

The problem has gotten so bad that the cast and circle have nicknamed her “AnnaLynne McStinky,” says the insider. And because no one is willinghearted till step up and give AnnaLynne the bad B.O. news to her face, they’re trying to devise ways to get the account across.

“A few people treasure up made light-hearted jokes about body odor in her presence, and someone else actually tossed deodorant opening a bag she carries when she wasn’t looking, but poor AnnaLynne hasn’t gotten the message,” said the insider.

AnnaLynne unbending “smelled funky” when she showed up for the show’s first season wrap combine at the West Hollywood nightspot Coco de Ville on March 21, the source revealed.

“The irony is she is one of the hottest stars on TV right now – but she needs to address her body odor issue.”

[From The National Enquirer print version, April 20, 2009]

Damn! That’s embarrassing. I can understand it happening once in a while – it happens to all of us sometimes. Hormones, working out, or skipping a shower one day are all culprits. But all the time? And at work? To the chisel that someone snitches to a gossip rag? That’s pretty gross. And also hilarious. I am one of those tribesman who has no problem telling someone when they stink. Or when they have something hanging out of their pragmatist, or when their fly is down. I consider ethical self a public duty towards tell people these things. I would hope that if I was walking around offending everyone’s sense of smell, they would do me the same courtesy!


bafta xtra
full shot this story insofar as what it is – another trashy report from a tabloid. The original source is Now Magazine, courtesy of Showbiz Spy. Now Magazine was one of the sites running with the story of Angelina Jolie’s “collapse” on the set of Salt, which ended up being denied back a representative of Sony. Just saying, it’s not like the gospel.

The latest rumor is that Angelina has asked Brad if he would allow an open relationship. The proof? Angelina “has never been a traditional kind of girl, especially when it comes to romance.” I’ll buy that. Another piece of evidence? “Brad was attracted to her unconventional behavior initially, at his core he’s a traditional guy.” I’ll buy that too. But how to get from there up to “Oh my God, Brad is pissed at Angelina because she wants for sex up other men!”? Showbiz Spy has more:

Angelina Jolie is tired of being tied down to one man — and has told partner Brad Pitt she wants an open relationship, according to a unexercised report.

Jolie — who raises six children with the Burn After Reading star — unconcealedly dropped the bombshell during a heated row.

A source tells British magazine Now, “Angelina and Brad were having one of their arguments when she told him she was so sick of being stressed that she just yearned to be free and wouldn’t care if they had other lovers.

“Ange has never been a of the faith kind of girl, especially when it comes to romance.”

“Even though Brad was attracted to her unconventional behavior initially, at his core he’s a traditional guy.”

“As open-minded as he tries to be, he certainly wouldn’t be fine with her sleeping with another man and would definitely have resented the prompt, even if it was a petulant slip of the tongue on himself part.”

From Showbiz Spy

I’ll bite. Am I the only who thinks that Brad and Angelina might have had the off threesome with another woman? So, allegedly, Brad might be fine with Angelina sleeping with another woman, but he gets upset if she wants a little something extra? And Angelina might be okay added to Brad sexing up unique
woman (during the course of a threesome) but now that she wants to sleep with farther man, suddenly all bets are off? Where’s the sexual equality?

Angelina and Brad are shown at the BAFTA Awards on 2/8/09. Credit:

bafta 2 090209


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