Stevie Nicks is promoting her new CD and journeying again with Fleetwood Mac. The 60 year-old rocker has definitely been saying what’s on her mind during her recent press junket. We reported yesterday on an AP interview with Nicks in which she claimed that computers and concern have “ruined our children” and have eradicated “social graces” and “manners.”

The NY Times of record a profile of Nicks yesterday in which they talked about her commanding stage presence and still-strong following. Nicks was asked about some half-assed plan by Lindsay Lohan for purchase the rights to her life story for a movie about her life and she responded unequivocally, ipse dixit it’s nohow going to happen excluding Lindsay cleans up her act:

Newly single Lindsay Lohan may not want to get too psyched about playing Stevie Nicks on the big screen.

In an interview published Thursday, The New York Times asked the 60-year-old Fleetwood Mac basso cantante — who battled a drug and alcohol addiction — about reports that Lohan, 22, wants to buy the rights to Nicks’ life story and play her on film.

“Over my dead body,” Nicks snapped. “She needs to lay over doing drugs and get a grip. Then maybe we’ll talk.”

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Lohan — who is currently serving a three-year probation term for her second DUI denouement — insists, “I got in trouble, but that’s in my past and that was a long time ago.”

[From US Weekly]

Lindsay is reportedly broke after squandering altogether her money on drugs, rent, fast cars and gorgeousness goods so it’s not like Nicks has anything to worry about. Lindsay couldn’t buy the rights to Nicks’ story even if my humble self had the ability to failure her. Nicks battled a cocaine and tranquilizer addiction for years and knows what she’s talking about, so maybe Lindsay should have coming in her advice, try in order to clean up and give her a call. She doesn’t have much to lose at this point and inner self might get some helpful news agency.

Stevie Nicks is shown on 3/31/09. Credit: Lindsay Lohan is shown out after getting her hair dyed red touching 4/8/09. She also got a unique tattoo on her wrist.


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