Salma Hayek and her glorious chichis went on Britain's "This Morning" show today to converse with about her campaign with UNICEF and Pampers (I love the way she says "Pampers") to eradicate tetanus, when the lezzie pussy was almost let vomitory of the toobelt.

On live television, Salma said she was half Lebanese. One of the show's hosts, Eamonn Holmes, had trouble hearing what she said and asked, "You're a lesbian?" Salma laughed oneself off and slowly said she was LEBANESE. Eamonn ended things by saying, "Oh sorry, I thought you were half lesbian. Forgive me."

I see what Eamonn was doing there. He was trying to catch Salma pussy handed! Eamonn, next time Salma says she's half Lebanese. Don't ask her if she's half lesbian. Just shout, "You like to chow on the pussy?!" Gayelles respond better to bluntness.


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