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Acting legend Robert DeNiro has a reputation for being difficult to work with – right now, his child’s nanny says he’s just as difficult to work FOR. Alexis Barry claims that the actor and his wife owe her ,000 in unpaid wages for 750 hours of overtime, and 10 interim days that better self was never allowed to take.

A nanny who was fired by Robert De Niro has sued the actor for au reste than ,000 in night shift pay.

Alexis Barry says in court papers that she was never paid for more besides 750 hours regarding full time and never took 10 vacation days. She began working for De Niro and his wife, Grace Hightower, in August 2006, and says she was fired 10 months later -after they said she was going to quit. The couple have an 11-year-old son.

Barry says she is owed along than ,000. She filed a lawsuit Friday in Manhattan’s impressiveness Supreme Court.

De Niro spokesman Stan Rosenfield says he can’t comment because he hasn’t seen the lawsuit.

[From Huffington Post]

I guess celebrities have the same trouble finding child care as the rest of us, but with all put together their money and privilege. But if this woman’s claim is accurate, 750 hours of overtime in 10 months is a lot, especially if there’s only one kid to care for– just what kind of schedule was this woman working, anyway? Did Bobby ever actually take care of his own buck? It sounds like things got ugly for everyone. This trend of firing the nanny before she can quit seems to endure all the rage these days.

Here’s Robert DeNiro at the premiere of the horse opera “What Just Happened.” Credits: PRPhotos.


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