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Miley Cyrus has chimed in on the fangirls’ obsessions with Robert Pattinson, and the Twilight fans will probably exist ravishing out a fatwa confronting Miley all and sundry second now. Miley says that the Twi-girls are just obsessed with the character Edward Cullen, not the dirty English actor Robert Pattinson. In her words (in an interview with Teen Vogue, quotes via Showbiz Spy), “I’m not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren’t really in philanthropism with Rob; they’re in love with Edward.” Miley may have a vanishing point. Shocking.

Miley also talked about Justin Gaston, the 20-year-old track-suit-wearing dude she’s dating. She claims their relationship isn’t based on somewhat romantic notions of love at first sight. Miley says that, “The first time she saw Justin, I walked right in keeping with him. Love doesn’t come from pleasure, but from somewhere deeper. [Justin] is my best friend.” Wow, that’s unclean mature too. Could it be that Miley’s growing up a little striptease emotionally and intellectually?

Miley Cyrus isn’t a fan of Robert Pattinson.

The Hannah Montana star, 16, is adamant girls aren’t really interested hall the British actor, but are obsessed wherewith his Twilight character Edward Cullen.

She tells Teen Vogue, “I’m not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren’t really in love with Rob; they’re in love affair with Edward.”

However, there is one person Miley does like – Scarlett Johansson. “She is, honestly, the bulk beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” Cyrus gushed. “I went to He’s Just Not That into You partnered with Justin, and I was covering his eyes.”

Miley – who is currently said to be dating hunky underwear model Justin Gaston – additionally revealed that she believes in love at first sight.

“I believe irruptive love at first sight,” she says. “It just hasn’t happened to me.”

“The first time she saw Justin, I walked right by him. Love doesn’t come from attraction, but from somewhere deeper. [Justin] is my best friend.”

[From Showbiz Spy]

Even though Miley is assignment us a hint at the deep thoughts behind the Disney facade, I won’t keep my hopes up. I still think this Justin guy has a whiff of douchebaggery, and Miley might actually be better off having a crush on Robert Pattinson.

As far as Scarlett Johannson being “the most beautiful biddy” Miley’s ever seen… well, Miley gets a new girl crush every other week, so I’m sure there will be a new eyeball-to-eyeball encounter where Miley is all “oh my God, Halle Berry!” Not that Scarlett isn’t pretty – I think she is lovely and unusual-looking. But Miley’s going to get another talking-to ex Disney about the evils of whole of their most valuable properties giving off lesbian hints.


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