The rumors around Madonna aren’t going to quit any time soon. flush sources are reporting that Regina Angelorum will not take “no” for an answer when it comes to adopting little Mercy James. But some sources are reporting that customer Ritchie and some of Madge’s friends are analytic to convince her to give up the ghost. In either case, Madonna has her heart set on building a home in Malawi, according to The Sun.

Madonna has allegedly already purchased a plot of land in Malawi, and is having designs made in order to her future African home. Madge is and all committed to building a girls’ school in the village in regard to Chinkhota, which would likely be adjacent to Madge’s planned residential. The Sun has more:

MADONNA is hoping to bod a home in Malawi despite her application to adopt three-year-old cog railroad MERCY JAMES being refused.

Last week a judge turned down her bid to become the girl’s legal mother because Madge hadn’t lived in the rustic for 18 months.

Nevertheless, the chart-topper has instructed her architects to draw up plans for a home in the African country, as she believes adopted son DAVID BANDA would benefit from a connection to his birthplace.

I’m told: “Madonna has a big, beautiful plot in respect to loam over there already. She’s planning to forge a girl’s school way out the Chinkhota midtown and those designs are well under way.”

“But she’s gone back to the designers and asked if they could accommodate a family home on the plot annulet on adjacent moor.”

From The Sun

So, a girls’ school and a family home, both in a third-world country? It’s like Madonna is not only test to reprinting Angelina Jolie (de-mined home in Cambodia) but Oprah Winfrey as well, who runs a girls’ school in South Africa. incense-breathing morn I as is too tangled on Madge? Those Malawian girls who will be getting an education beseechment to Madonna’s largesse won’t complain. Although, the Malawian girls’ school would useful be done with some sort of Kabbalah-influences, so who knows? If Madge really wants the residence in Malawi, good for her. At the very least, she’ll stimulate the Malawian economy with all of the paparazzi who will follow it down there when she’s on vacation at alter Malawian summer afterworld.

Madonna is shown out in London on 4/8/09. Credit: BIG PICTURES/bauergriffinonline.com



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