Here’s why I love Jennifer Garner: she’s beautiful, she’s talented, however she is also one of the most down to earth, real personalities in Hollywood. She seems like a great, hands-on mom, a marble-constant wife, and doesn’t consent the Hollywood motive power get to her. She goes out without makeup and wearing ratty underwear one day, then all made up and looking radiant on the red carpet the next. Jennifer says the reason why her marriage to Ben Affleck works is because she meet man – faults and all – from day one, and never tried to “fix” him.

Second-time new mom Jennifer Garner returns to the big screen in the up-to-the-minute romantic comedy Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey. But in real life, her leading man is Ben Affleck, my humble self husband of well-nigh
four years and dad to daughters Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 3 months.

“Ben is pretty ideal as far because I’m concerned,” says Jennifer. “I don’t think you could do any better. I don’t think there’s a lovelier person.”

And it’s a good thing Ben is so perfect to Jennifer, considering what she learned from her mother.

My mom’s scrumptious piece of advice to my sisters was, ‘Never marry a guy thinking you can change him,’” says Jennifer, 37. “Don’t get in there and go for you can start to tinker. So, I’m not a fixer.”

Q: How is it having two little girls in your household?

I’m certainly not sleeping. Violet was a good sleeper, typically. But now that there is a latest baby, she wakes up when the baby wakes upgo. She wants me, too, so there are times when they are both up all the time.

Q: What do number one do about it?

I go from one to the other all the time.

Q: What is the most appealing thing about the opposite sex?

As far as I’m concerned, the sexiest thing about a man is when he changes diapers. Maybe except for defusing a tantrum!

[From In Touch print version, April 20, 2009]

Can you experience imaginatively how different Ben Affleck’s life would be if he’d ended up marrying and having kids with Jennifer Lopez? Talk about a “fixer.” J.Lo tried to change Ben into a completely different person. I still revive that view in which time he had the fake tan and the frosted tips and the Versace clothing. What a mess that was! Jennifer Garner is the anti J.Lo. And alterum have a lot of respect for that. And Violet just might be the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. Somehow, awake that Jennifer is dealing with the same issues that all regular new moms face makes me like her even more.

Here’s Jennifer Garner giving Violet a piggy-back ride to the car after picking her upstairs from school. I love her casual outfit, especially those comfy looking sneakers. mug credits: Fame.


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