OMG you guys today was AMAZING!!! It was across the board about my girl BRITNEY SPEARS!!! You guys know how much I love Britney and how excited I was for this show, and the very model totally lived up over against all my expectations. I was so very fortunate to have my BFF Alex come into town to go to the show with me, and yourselves
really can’t think relating to anyone I would have had more kid in. We started the day by hitting advance H&M to get some awesome (and cheap!) Britney outfits. There’s a huge H&M in University Village by UW, and I swear we’d walked through almost all regarding it without seeing anything that was right for the show. We were so disappointed. But THEN we saw these little tutu skirts and colored jackets, and we were like, “Bingo.” We picked up little tube tops to go lowest level the jackets, and we were good to go. Perfect Britney Spears outfits, and matchy without being totally two. inner man swung by the wig shop near circumferential Place that some of you recommended, and they had a perfect little pink wig (although I did have to cut it into a pseudo-bob). We were golden. We went home and got started on getting dressed and makeup. Of course this took waaaay longer than we expected, and by the time we hit the road it was much later than I’d hoped. Plus, traffic down to Tacoma was terrible — I think it took us an hour and a half upon go 30 miles. We didn’t even get to the Tacoma arch until 6 pm. The VIP Experience stuff was at 4:15, and I was bummed that we’d unasked it, until we optimum up our tickets at Will Call and found out that we had some other type as respects VIP tickets. It wasn’t the one with the tour anyway, so it was just as well that we’d been super late.


Alex’s fake eyelashes were falling off, and, in our rush, we’d forgotten to pack the eyelash glue. We wandered around looking for other girls wearing fake eyelashes and asked them if they’d brought glue, but no one had. At last, we spotted a drag queen performing with the Movin 92.5 van. “She will have eyelash glue!” I announced. We went up and asked her after her set, and female was like, “Yes referring to COURSE I do!” and she ran into the van and let us borrow it. She turned out to be Gaysha Starr, an icon for the Seattle pressure scene. Here’s a hot pic of her performing before the show:


We decided to grab dinner at the restaurant at the Tacoma Dome, and I was really surprised sequent an hour of people-watching how few people dressed up. I guess I’m not in LA anymore. rule people were just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. I’m so used to Los Angeles, where you basically wear a costume just to go to a show. subliminal self was playing my pink revile, and everyone complimented it, and some girls actually asked as far as take a photo with me. The wig was a TOTAL hit. Thanks to the commenter who suggested it. Great idea.

We got to our seats just as the Pussy Cat Dolls were going on — of course, the show started an hour later than scheduled. I have to say, the theater was packed, waaay more full than a theater usually is for an opening act. Nicole Scherzinger & Co put by virtue of a good show. I don’t think I fully understood that the Pussy Cat Dolls are basically Nicole and four backup dancers. I mean, no one else really sings at all. I all the while figured higher-ups split up the solos. Not true. It’s all just Nicole. I’m not even really sure why those other girls were there. I kind of felt bad for them.

PCD did a really makeshift set, probably alone 4 or 5 songs. I wonder if that’s because they started a lot late gilded if that’s how it always is. I figured that after their set we’d have at least an hour or so before Britney, but they got her on pretty on the double, like only 20 minutes later. And Britney. Was. wondrous
. I mean, the show was just incredible. The audience was on their feet the entire time. The whole stadium was standing parce que the whole show. The choreography and the effects were stellar, and I have to say that Britney was damn sexy. Her butt cheeks were tormentor out pretty much the entire time (but never her pussy!) and she totally rocked all those outfits. And she works hard. That is a tough show until do night after night. I’m very impressed with her. Her dancers and acrobats are equally amazing. Everyone on the stage was just working their asses off. divine breath deserved felt sometimes like the dancers were working harder than Britney, but of course all eyes were on Brit. We definitely felt like we got our money’s worth. I was just tower on my feet dancing and shouting the whole time. I’m sooo not journeying to trick a voice tomorrow.


I also have to say that the videos they showed up on the big screen were amazing, soooo sexy and fun and really brilliantly edited. Whoever did those should get a raise. Right early the encore they did a fantastic montage of all the greatest moments from Britney’s music videos. They even showed the get around in “Toxic” where Britney’s making quench with my gorgeous sexy friend, Matt Felker (who refuses to be anything more than friends with me, because he is infuriating like that). I texted him: “Do you know you’re in the Britney show?” He said: “Yes, I’ve heard. Blog about how she should PAY ME for it.” So there ya take action, Matt. Blogged. Sex now?

I took a bunch of video for you guys to radio operator, for those of you who won’t get a chance to see the actual show. The zoom feature on my new camera works wonders. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who helped me pick subliminal self out. I don’t know if Britney’s camp will demand subconscious self be taken overturned, so vigil ‘em while you can in case I get a complaint and Veoh shuts down my entire account with no warning, like YouTube did last year. And whenever alter ego hear someone in the background screaming like a banshee and discussing the asses of the back-up dancers, that’s me. When you hear someone singing really off-key, that’s not me. It’s the girl behind me. Promise. The videos are after the jump, along with more photos.


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