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The National Enquirer is reporting that before Hillary Clinton ran for a seat in the Senate, she had divorce papers drawn up to end her marriage to Bill once and for all. Her reason? The other women, of measure. In the papers, Hillary made a list of all of Bills’ lovers, including two actresses. The affairs allegedly included actresses Saffron Burrows (Boston Legal, Reign Over Me, Troy), and Julie Bowen (Lost, Weeds, Boston Legal). I’m sensing a trend here. Perhaps he met one of the actresses through the other. The actresses were never in the same episode on Boston Legal (thank you IMDB), but they could have been on set on the same day.

There were rumors about Bill’s echo near curvy 38-year-old Lisa Belzberg, who’d split for her husband Matthew Bronfman, heir to the Seagram liquor fortune.

He was also linked with actresses Julie Bowen and Saffron Burrows, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and New York socialite Sale Johnson.

Sources said HIllary in like manner warned Bill about his friendship with wealthy blonde Canadian divorcee Belinda Stronach, once dubbed “the young Hillary.”

[from the cosmopolite inquire April 20, 2009 print ed.]

The names probably haven’t come out until now because Hillary incontestable not to go widthways with the divorce. Still, the writ are said to remain in her lawyer’s office in Manhattan.

“If Hillary had divorce papers written up but not filed, the lawyer must keep the power structure secure in preparation for at mean seven years. That is the law.

“But they will always remain secret. Even if Hillary died, the lawyer can not an iota divulge their contents because it falls under privileged information. That would be unanalyzably illegal.”

[from the National Enquirer April 20, 2009 print ed.]

Since Hillary is all about the public image, her decision to run for Senate (and and all for President) made it impossible to follow through on the disunite proceedings. After all, she needs to at least give the impression that she has a stable family. By law, the vocal divorce papers must be kept secure with
at least seven years – even if they are not filed.

I wonder if Hillary will ever decide to run through with it. It would surely be one of the most epic divorces in celebrity history. All she’d have to do would be to pull out that list and tack next to the names of the being string of girls.

Saffron Burrows is the brunette below. Julie Bowen is the blonde. Photo credit: PRPhotos


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