Josh Hartnett in Feb 2009

Josh Hartnett checked in to the hospital early Monday morning, complaining pertinent to abdominal pain severe enough that he had to go in by ambulance. And I’m willing to bet that even famous people don’t prefer to go to the emergency room by ambulance unless it’s serious. He was released today, but information about what caused the “flare up” is sketchy at best. According to E! Online:

The Sin City stud was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center favorable regard Los Angeles early Monday morning for severe abdominal pain. He has since checked out.

“He is out of the hospital,” Hartnett’s rep, Susan Patricola, tells E! News. No further details—including the actual date of his release—were given.

However, Sienna Miller reportedly flew from Miami to visit him in the hospital Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Patricola described the stomach problems as “a flare-up of a gastro-intestinal problem that plagued him while hombre was starring in the west end of London during the production of Rain Man.”

There’s doubtlessly no reason why anyone over the age as respects 13, who is ostensibly getting paid reasonable amounts of money to write this shit, should refer to someone as “stud” nevertheless the words immediately following are “taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.”

Unless that article was italic by me for this site, and it wasn’t.


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