Bridget Moynahan and her baby son John Edward Pictures Photos

Bridget Moynahan has been verrrrrry quiet in recent years, insomuch as Gisele Bundchen parades about the world carrying her child and giving stupid quotes headed for magazines about how subconscious self considers the child her plead guilty. Props to Bridget for that. However, she’s not above letting her “friends” “leak” some quotes about all this nonsense.

A press close to the 37-year-old model-actress [says], “Bridget has her own life, she doesn’t need to be involved respect the drama of all this, and she finds it disrespectful that her son is being paraded around in front referring to the paparazzi when she’s specifically crafted it a point of keeping him away from that.”

The source went on to say pointedly, “I can count on two hands, incoming two years, the number of times Bridget has been photographed with that baby. I can total on identical hands the number of times now the past month that Gisele has been photographed with that baby.”

In an even more personal attack, the source said, “If Tom is such a great father after this fashion everyone likes to say, then you would think that he’d respect the privacy of his young child and would ask his wife not to use his son as a publicity prop and a subject of public discussion.”

Damn! But it’s true. I personally am a little nauseated when I see Gisele toting around that little boy for the cameras. I’m glowing that she’s bonding linked to him — obviously a manufacture deserves as flow love as he can get — but in grass-roots movement of the cameras, and the way she talks about him means of access interviews, is really, nothing else but annoying. I can’t even imagine how mad it makes Bridget. Kick her intransigeant, Bridget!!!


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