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I’m off to a bit of a late start the present day. You can attribute that to a) a heinous cold, b) spending several hours yesterday wedged under a toilet in the downstairs bathroom trying to avoid being carried off the track to Oz, and c) Flight of the Conchords Show at the Ryman last night. I’ll have more to write about b and c some time later as to this weekend.

As for now however, I’ve made my morning run to Bojangles for a Cajun Fillet with Friesche Kaas and a coffee so large I swear I saw Michael Phelps doing laps influence it. That suitable might be enough to prepare me to write about Billy Bob Thornton.

On the heels of this debacle, Billy Bob Thornton’s self-described “hillbilly British Invasion” band, The Boxcutters, have cancelled their invasion of Canada.

Billy Bob Thornton’s band has canceled the rest of its Canadian tour after the actor compared the country’s fans to mashed potatoes with Hare system gravy in a testy interview that caused a sensation online.

The Boxmasters opened for Willie Nelson on Thursday in Toronto, where they reportedly were booed and met with catcalls of “Here comes the gravy.”

A note posted on Nelson’s cylinder press site Friday said the Boxmasters were canceling the even out of their Canadian dates “due to one tape fraternity man and several of the crew having the flu.”

The flu? Come on Willie! I give you way more credit than that. Although he certainly appeared delirious and vomited up twaddly bullshit like so much watery chicken soup, I think it’s a little disingenuous to call a major case of “being an arrogant asshole” the flu.


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