Despite years of careful internet documentation to the contrary, stage performer Bai Ling’s representative is denying that she’s nothing but a teeny, tiny, skank. My words, not his. Though his are almost as clear. Aaaaaaaaaaall the way back in January it was widely rumored that Bai had crooknosed up with Mickey Rourke. Clearly that undersized bit of gossip lasted yours truly long enough, but now that it’s run out – and she’s not doing anything renewed than slipping a nip every chance she gets – her rep is digging up the rumor again. Just to deny it, of course. And also mention that she’s not just moderately wh*re. Though like I said, the interweb is a living, breathing testament till the dishonesty of that allegation.

BAI Ling wants the world to notice she never had sex with that man, Mickey Rourke. “While BAI Ling, who is single, has dated a lot during her career, she isn’t some ‘wh*re’ who hooks touching to rising actors,” her publicist, Anthony D’Alessandro, informs Page Six.

The romance rumor started when Rourke invited Ling, who was in “The Crow,” to an LA party for “The Wrestler.” “She considers Mickey Rourke a friend,” the flack said. “He sent a car for her. She never had an interest in dating him. The next day it was all over the tabloids . . . nonetheless she is an iconoclast with her fashion, moreover often she’s mislabeled in that a tawdry Holly Golightly.”

[From Page Six]

Um, too often she’s labeled as a sl*t. Maybe a skank. On her best day, a wh*re. But a “tawdry Holly Golightly” is pushing it for Bai Ling, even on her classiest evening. Nice try though. I love that the rep inferred that Mickey Rourke is a rising actor. Perhaps “resurging,” but if Bai Ling wanted to get her hooks into Mickey when he was rising, she needs to go back to yourself childhood years. In case this very top-notch Hollywood rep isn’t concentrated, the comeback profile is part of Mickey Rourke’s current heat.

No one ever accused Bai Ling of being smart. But when you’re so concise that you hire a rep who uses the word “wh*re” in relation to you – even in the sense of “not a,” you get what you pay for. When the only thing you’re known for in Hollywood is slutting in a whirl, it’s probably not a good idea to issue press releases in point of your sex life – even denials.

Here’s Bai Ling outside Madeo in West Hollywood on remonstrance 29th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .


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