Easy on the eyes, hard on the nose…AnnaLynne McCord has some hygiene issues. Photos: Fame.

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry can’t get the residual stink of quantified guy’s B.O. out of his car? Imagine having to go to work every day and smell that. Apparently, that’s what the cast of the new 90210 show on the WB is dealing with, thanks to their stinky co-star, AnnaLynne McCord.

AnnaLynne McCord is basking in the sweet emanation of success over her breakout role in “90210″ – but her conglomerate trick
is causing quite a stink among the show’s cast and crew!

The 21-year-old sexpot plays the role of spoiled rich Beverly Hills High student Naomi Clark on the CW’s popular teen drama, but there’s nothing sexy about the way she smells, say sources.

“AnnaLynne is easy headed for the eyes, but tough on the nose!” a set insider divulged. “She actually brags about not using deodorant and insists she doesn’t need it – as if having body odor is below her. But the truth is, AnnaLynne reeks!”

The problem has gotten so bad that the cast and circle have nicknamed her “AnnaLynne McStinky,” says the insider. And because no one is willinghearted till step up and give AnnaLynne the bad B.O. news to her face, they’re trying to devise ways to get the account across.

“A few people treasure up made light-hearted jokes about body odor in her presence, and someone else actually tossed deodorant opening a bag she carries when she wasn’t looking, but poor AnnaLynne hasn’t gotten the message,” said the insider.

AnnaLynne unbending “smelled funky” when she showed up for the show’s first season wrap combine at the West Hollywood nightspot Coco de Ville on March 21, the source revealed.

“The irony is she is one of the hottest stars on TV right now – but she needs to address her body odor issue.”

[From The National Enquirer print version, April 20, 2009]

Damn! That’s embarrassing. I can understand it happening once in a while – it happens to all of us sometimes. Hormones, working out, or skipping a shower one day are all culprits. But all the time? And at work? To the chisel that someone snitches to a gossip rag? That’s pretty gross. And also hilarious. I am one of those tribesman who has no problem telling someone when they stink. Or when they have something hanging out of their pragmatist, or when their fly is down. I consider ethical self a public duty towards tell people these things. I would hope that if I was walking around offending everyone’s sense of smell, they would do me the same courtesy!


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