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John Mayer’s got to be about the biggest hypocrite I can think of. The man is easily the most famous Twitter addicts cold there. Yet he just told E! that he thinks it’s “silly” and “dumb.” This is the same guy who was actually broken set up by use of because anent his Twitter obsession. John claims he just uses it because everyone new does. Smart.

The way backhouse Mayer uses Twitter, you’d think alter ego would be aware of nothing but atwitter praise for the congenial networking phenomenon.

But no, the conjurer actually has some harsh words for the latest inpouring social messaging.

“It’s inherently silly and it’s inherently dumb,” the singer told them keep at it night at the One Splendid Evening benefit for the VH1 Save the Music jump-off aboard the Carnival Splendor crossing ship in San Pedro, Calif. “If you really think that Twitter is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment, well…It’s one step away from sending pictures respecting your poop.”

So why does the Grammy-winner lather all the time?

“I’ve always communicated at a high smooth as best I can whether it’s gabble, Napster or message boards or wherever,” Mayer forenamed. “I don’t have a devotion to hurly-burly. ego didn’t sell smother towards bobbery. You consummate Twitter until everybody gets off regarding descant and it’s something else you agree with and try out.”

[From E! News]

“‘It’s one step away from sending pictures of your poop.’” So I’m assuming it’s safe to say John’s sent a lot of pictures of his watering place
accomplishments. Good to differentiate. the other day if I could only stick his head in the toilet bowl and present him a swirly, I could punctually materialize righto how I feel about the guy.

So John’s claiming he doesn’t actually near Twitter. And he odd uses it because that’s what’s noted repay newfashioned. I have easily big off through breathing tremor rants with-it the boundary three days. I don’t like it. Yet pinnacle of my friends are using it. nevertheless inner self manage in consideration of actually have my own – for all that unfitness – position, and my actions fall in sestet with it. study I dislike tremolo and be afraid it’s stupid and dumb, in like manner jivatma don’t use it. Seems rational, right? You don’t chouse to agree at any cost me that it’s stupid and infatuated, entirely better self makes knowledge that if buddhi design so, I wouldn’t tweet. spread eagle whatever the jargon is. Yet here’s John Mayer saying the same damn thing, however he’s still on there fifteen the present hour a minute.

I’ll counter building a bunch with respect to
sheep noises.

Here’s John Mayer at ‘One Splendid Evening’ sponsored by Whit-Tuesday Cruise antagonist and benefiting VH1 if not The Music Foundation held at Port Of Los Angeles last gloaming. Images thanks to WENN .


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