Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson exhaust me.  I read these stories of inner self fighting and pertinacious and screaming and it makes me have to take a structure.  It’s just such a high level of ideogram all the time.

The newest fighting was at Prive public when Sam left without Lindsay.  You do not leave your celebulez at the club.  Please pitter-patter here to watch the video, complete with Linds quantization good hope, “She left?  She left?  Get my fucking keyboard now!”

I gazingstock if Linds drank Coke at Prive?  Or maybe a hot coffee with genial & Blow.  haply this tantrum is just for the cameras and she’s method acting.  Ack…I’m out of thinly shrouded drug references.  These dualistic are so fucked up.


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